Sunday, 31 January 2010

Wishing and thinking

A freezing cold Sunday morning in Ireland. Today I have enjoyed visiting other people. Here are my favourites for today.

Wishing for sun, enough for swathes of sheer fabric and chunky knits dancing at the shoreline a pretty beach shack, like this shoot featured at Paranaiv.

Thinking about being small enough to perch on one of these tiny dolls house chairs created by Joel.

Thinking how nice it would be to share a pot of tea with the lovely Liivia

Wishing our snow was as serene as it looks over at Nadia's

Thinking about adding more to my tattoo like cutie bride Michonne.

and finally adoring this embellished cape and anything made by the fair hands of Emma Cassi

Enjoy your Sunday.
All images from the links above.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Cake and angel slices

A little bit of healthy goes a long way. I am slowly reducing the amount of refined sugar I eat. Can't even bring myself to start a food diary as I am so annoyed with myself. Sugar calls to me more than the evil memory of smoking cigarettes. Although I can proudly say that all the cake and angel slices from my previous post got taken to work and shared with my colleagues. I had a bite of one bakewell tart then threw the rest of it in the bin! I am going to try and stick to home baking on a Sunday and no other sweets . . . . . . at least then I know how much of what ingredients are going in.

Next stop the GYM.

Monday, 25 January 2010

High tea

Finally clawing my way out of the winter darkness. Making new garlands for my first spring shop listings. I picked up some vintage tea plates and classic tea time treats which brightened my day no end.

Spent a whole lovely Sunday with my husband after he returned from two weeks in Hawaii. So even though it's still dismal and grey outdoors, everything is pretty and pastel coloured indoors as we make our way in to a new week.

Wishing you some brightness and colour for this last week of January

Monday, 18 January 2010

Will I ever see the sky again

Snow, rain and now thick fog. I am forgetting what it is to see a blue sky, and so is my camera. An evening with my friends on Saturday saw the wine glasses emptying and topped up a little too quickly and I woke up yesterday with the feeling that someone had sunk an anchor into my head. I am not a big wine drinker and now I remember why. A good time was had so I am not complaining. I just feel a little resentful towards myself for not having my Sunday with a crisp clear mind. But there is always next week.

I spent a few hours spent peacefully stitching by beloved glass beads to some vintage lace yesterday so all was not lost, and now the sun has just appeared through the clearing fog. Happy Monday to you.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sumptuous setting

A most sumptuous setting full of jewel bright colours and everything that can thaw a heart after such a frosty few weeks. Couldn't you just jump right in? Think I will invite some friends over for a pretty lunch on Sunday.

Anneka & Patrick's wedding seen at Green Wedding Shoes via 100 Layer cake.

All images Jessica Claire wedding photography.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Heavenly hedgerows

I love the patterns inspired by nature that Angie Lewin designs for fabrics sold from Norfolk based gallery St Judes. I first learnt about Angie's work a couple of years ago in UK country living magazine. I am sure I have posted about the designs before but had to share the new Hedgerow collection.

Hedgerow is her third fabric design and follows her previous Dandelion One & Two and Seedheads designs.

All images Angie Lewin for St Judes.

Two notebook covers top left designed by Mark Hearld

Fantasy shopping spree

Silently in the night it snowed again. I woke up to a chilly breeze and cancelled trains. My plans blown out of the water.
After a round of cheese burgers in a local bar the icy rain stopped and the slush started to melt away long enough for me and my friends to take a drive out of town for a few hours. I am feeling good about only spending a little money. So once home I went on an imaginary spree at the ever beautiful Anthropologie. Whenever I visit the store I am in awe of all the beauty under one roof but often leave with nothing. It's easier to pick out a selection online where you can't be overwhelmed. I like this outfit for meeting friends when the spring sun starts to appear and you feel its okay to chance going outdoors with no hat or coat.

Enjoy the rest of your week imaginary or real, ooh and thanks for all the admiring comments about my sisters photo in my last post, she is super happy.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Irish Winter

With winter scenes like this picture my sister took I am wishing I was over in southern Ireland with my mum and sister. It is just stunning on the rivers edge where we often walk the dogs when I am visiting. Hope to get there soon, maybe for my birthday, if the snow stops long enough for a plane trip.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

From britain with love

Love this new site From britain with love. I was lucky enough to be asked to write a mini guide about my home town. Which I am very proud to say came in useful to Nicky Sherwood the editor of From britain with love when she made a recent trip down to the east sussex coast. Pop over and see what lovely home grown talents and goodies are to be found on the pages of From britain with love

Friday, 8 January 2010

Silk velvet

The soft white snow has drawn in around my house like a silk velvet blanket, quieting footsteps and stopping all traffic. A white peacefulness has descended and if I open my window the quiet it beautiful.

My husband should have arrived in Honolulu just about now, to opposite weather.

The yellow painting

I was asked by Kari of Artsy Mama where I got the the yellow painting that appeared in my post earlier today. I bought it in a local vintage clothing boutique. It was made by a local artist called Melissa White of Fairlyte hand painted interiors.

Melissa developed this technique that imitate's old, cracked and ageing walls by plastering a flexible surface like a loose weave fabric, she then uses different methods to distress the surface so it appears time worn. The final pieces are left dusty and matt or finished with bees wax for a rich, shiny patina. I have wanted my own piece for so long so you can imagine how happy I am that this pretty bird on a cheery yellow background hangs on my wall.

Pop over to fairlyte and learn more about Melissa's lovely work.

She also has an Etsy shop.

Dressing up box

Sparkle trim, black and gold shoes, multi colours, barely there blouses, fancy scarfs, bejewelled necklaces, bouffant hair, bold patterns, embellished edges, sequins all over, pretty jackets that you want to hug around yourself.

This weeks dream wardrobe from Oscar de la Renta. All images from

Makes me sad that I have worn PJ"s for the last 3 days.

Well dressed

Love this book The well dressed home by Annette Tatum, so much loveliness on every page, collections of pretty clothes and beautiful interiors. Inspiration boards and decorating ideas. All these images have really perked me up.
Michelle Long's home was featured in the book and you can buy some of the items and similar vintage treasures in Michelle's Etsy shop Bohemiennes's.

All images by Karyn R. Millet for The well dressed home

Grapefruit and Jasmine

It's snowing and icy out, and I am tucked up in bed for a second day with tonsillitis and a splitting headache, so with my screen brightness turned down and before I fall asleep again, I thought I would tell you about Parks Candles.
A while ago a sweet girl named Amy asked me to review a new product line, I get quite a few messages in my inbox about the promotion of various things and normally decide against it, but as I love scented candles and have them in most of my rooms I gladly accepted Amy's offer.
I was not disappointed, the Parks range of 100% natural wax candles are fragranced with organic essential oils which filled my rooms with a gorgeous lasting aroma of Grapefruit and Jasmine a lovely crisp fresh scent that seemed a more than appropriate start to the new year.
Other fragrances include Rosemary and bergamot, Camomile, violet, orris and honey and Lemongrass and mint. I love how scenting a room can add an extra layer, change your mood, soothe and calm, or just chase away the memory of what you have been cooking in the kitchen, and who doesn't find the gentle flicker of candle light welcoming and restorative all at once. I have the candle next to my bed now and even though it is not lit I can smell the divinely refreshing scent of grapefruit.

Such a nice gift to give or receive, plus these candles are also on sale at the moment too at Debenhams so I think I will stock up.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The first of 2010

The tree is all gone, the garlands away, just about eaten all the seasonal excess. Happy to discard anything thats left over and start from scratch, healthy eating to heal up all the damage that too many party nights may have caused and long woodland or beachside walks in the brisk winter air to cleanse the mind and soul.

I was so happy this morning when I remembered I have one of these sweet calendars from Kitty Rogers. I can't wait to pop it on my fridge and see it every day. Now just to find the safe place in which I stored it . . . . . . .

All images Kitty rogers.