Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Lobster the Swan and I have moved to Lobster And This blog will remain but to see all new posts just click the image above or follow the link to visit me in my new home now.

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Jeska x

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Moving day

Right, are you with me? Today we have to pack our bags and prepare to move to my new blog. So grab your best dress and shoes then fill your suitcase with tea, biscuits, candles, cushions and anything else you will need to settle in. What are the things you like to unpack first when you move?

Looking forward to see you over there, links to follow later in my final post x

Lovely images from The Light Fantastic.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

No nutcracker

Thanks so much for all your well wishes for my poor old husband trapped on a train for over 12 hours, he made it safely back home at 1.30 pm this afternoon.

But away from the chaos, I have had a lovely day. We got the coveted window seat in our favourite cafe as not many people had made the journey into town, had lovely warming meals and frothy cappuccinos, later we drank hot chocolate and shared a brownie before heading back out. With all the snow falling we embraced the season and did some christmas shopping then struggled home with our bags full of gift wrap and my best purchase of the day, a huge net of shiny mixed nuts in their shells. Slight problem. No nutcracker in the house.

Now the snow is really coming down but it looks perfect for a evening winter walk, I love the silence that the snow provides, so we are going to get out there to take advantage of our very own Narnia. While the snow is untouched. Stay safe x

Snow days

So I was going to move over to my new blog today, but with a husband missing for 14 hours trapped on a train in the snow in some far away town, we will all have to wait a few more days for the final tweaks to be completed. At least he is with a whole train full of people, may have even made some new friends? I do love to look at the snow but now I jus want him home. I have been house bound for a couple of days now so I will brave the outside to meet a friend and have a nice hot drink and a piece of cake in a nearby cafe whilst I await my favourite persons return. I hope you are all okay wherever you live x