Thursday, 25 November 2010


I am meeting a friend for coffee this morning and whilst pondering what to wear, I happened upon this great look from The Sartorialist found via Victoria.
I have been known to over accessorise but with this girl as inspiration I will descend on my jewellery box with relish.


Mon Alisa Design said...

Michelle Jank is so beautiful. I love this look x

Sea Angels said...

What a fabulous blog...many thanks xx
How nice to be off work on the run up to Christmas xx

Jill said...

amazing earrings - look so good with the casual style! Go for it raid the jewelery box!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Wow....that is FA-BU-LOUS. I love it...Have a wonderful weekend hun!

Shimi said...

Love your blog - so much so that that we featured you as a ‘Best Blog’ on our site.
Jen & Row

Becky said...

Yes, she is totally rocking the accessories, love it!

Miz.November said...

I passed up a big pile of chartreuse beads in the form of a multi-layer necklace at wal-mart a few nights ago. It was only $7, yet I was still able to talk myself out of buying it. I'm pretty sure that I will regret that decision for quite a while.

thanks for rubbing it in. ;)