Friday, 5 November 2010

Paper me pretty 4 The best of bespoke.

Soft metallics, faded glamour and sweet little garden birds, just a few of the exquisite details in this collection of bespoke papers from Top Deborah Bowness middle Louise Body bottom Barneby Gates.

Think thats all on papers for today, my head is in a spin of lace and flower garlands.


Sea Angels said...

I think your out and out brave.I could not consider having wallpaper because I could not possibly choose! look at that little lot you've featured today, I would want them all ! I shall sit back and watch you struggle, I know you will come up with something beautiful, you always do but I don't envy you one bit, having to decide.
Have a lovely weekend
Lynn xx

Sofie from said...

love the one with the birds!