Friday, 5 November 2010

Paper me pretty 3

I see where this is heading, bankruptcy or I'll end up with nothing. These ravishing examples are all from Designers Guild. I am in love (again) a thousand times over. Help.


etre-soi said...

oh my this are even more gorgeous :) Absolutely love the number 4 from left on the first row. Good luck it is not going to be easy !

Miss Bonbon said...

These papars are aw-some! reminds me 20s to 70s =) Thank you =) I will paper my walls too =) you want help?
I would paper a wall from my kitchen first paper with flowers from right to left, in the first line. for the a bedroom wall the second paper from left to right in the second line.

Cornflake said...

Oh wow, I can see how you're stuck! So many stunning choices. Love the blue with yellow flowers in the last post - very vintage and special.