Friday, 12 November 2010

Here before you know it.

Sod it, the festive season is going to arrive before we know it, even though we have a year to prepare and the shops bamboozle us with holiday things from September onwards, it still seems to come as a surprise on December the 19th when I still haven't got all the food decorations and gifts that I need. I just can't wait any longer to post about these lovely bells, candles and garlands from Toast house and home not so seasonal really in colours of peeling gold, terracotta and brown paper I think they have year round appeal.




kat said...

Being a fellow garland girl myself I knew you'd be loving those flower ones at toast J! I wonder if it's possible to make something similar?
Kat x

Lobster and swan said...

HI Kat, oh yes I think it would be quite easy, I shall have a go! Email me your address and I will post you my attempt if it turns out okay! xxx

Heather said...

I am near bursting with early holiday cheer, so I too say sod it! Bring on the festivities. And, preferably, decorate said festivities with the assorted lovelies posted above ;)

Jujube said...

Lovely :)
I am expecting Christmas as well

Emily said...

Bell candles...genious!!! I would hang those from my fireplace in a heart beat. Totally great!

Carole said...

Hi Jeska, it was lovely to meet you the other night.
Toast is one of my favourites and you're right these have all year round appeal.
Pop by DD's blog next week - I have lots of lovely giveaways to celebrate my blog birthday. x

Brittany at Home Ground said...

I can't wait to get the TOAST holiday catalog in the mail. I always look forward to them. The bells in particular are lovely!

kat said...

Hi j
Just saw your reply here
That's so lovely
I shall email you now :)
Kat x