Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Saturday places

I love to spend my weekends discovering the delights of a town I have never visited before, unfortunately I work nearly every Saturday and on sundays a lot of the smaller shops are closed. But I was lucky enough to have the entire of last weekend off. So we woke early and shipped out to Deal in Kent, and it did not disappoint. A lovely main street of organic cafes, vintage shops, an amazing cheese shop with a wonderful owner who with his great knowledge helped us with our choices.

We left Deal with a vintage fur coat and a bag of beautiful fresh baked meringues for her, and cheese, meats and unrefined sea salt for him.

I will no longer be working Saturdays after this week so heres to many more explorations.


zizi bloom said...

what a nice way to spend your weekends!!!

jillian m. {coffee, light and sweet} said...

it's nice to have weekends off. i remember when i used to work saturdays and sundays. i'm so happy those days are long gone...i love my weekends!

enjoy and make the most of them! they go by too fast!

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

So glad you enjoyed Deal it is so so lovely.

Rose said...

how lovely it looks. I always always want to get out a bit more at the weekends- out of London I mean- and life just seems to get in the way

Deal is definitely on the to visit list now!