Saturday, 2 October 2010

October wardrobe inspiration

Wardrobe inspiration from February's Record the Day. I have the dress, now to source other similar items from my wardrobe. My Pictures are back.

Happy Saturday to you.


Caroline, No. said...

Lovely. Cosy, tweedy and autumnal. Blogger is driving me mad at the moment, too! x

etre-soi said...

I love your record of the day, can't wait to see more :)

A Flourishing Perspective said...

How adorable! What a fantastic idea. I love all of those pieces--and the over-the-knee socks!


Vintage by LOU LOU said...

I am in love with that blue dress....I could definitely see myself wearing it. BTW will be in touch with you shortly. Has been crazy busy here.....more than I thought xo

Kate said...

I have a vintage dress very similar and I thought I would have to tuck it away till Spring - thanks for making me rethink!!! One day will photoself and show you.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your record the day image - so creative and inspiring.