Friday, 8 October 2010

Colour cards and paint pots

When we first decorated out apartment I used Farrow and Ball paint in every room. I love the natural colours and delicate chalky finish of their paints. We were quite bold with choices of dark greys to mimic our English skies. A while ago I repainted the two biggest rooms white, Now reading this lovely book-Farrow & Ball Living with Colour by Ros Byam Shaw- I am seriously wondering where I can add some striking colours again. My top six colours for adding a drama are Blazer, India Yellow, and Minster Green, Drawing room blue, Pelt, and Babouche. And if you want to paper a wall or two, these four wallpapers are definite keepers Wisteria, Orangrie, Peony, and St Antoine.
"Paint is the least expensive way to transform a room. And, unlike knocking down a wall or tiling a floor, it is not difficult to rectify if you have a made a mistake. Colour should be fun; at its best it is joyful." Ros Byam Shaw, Farrow & Ball Living With Colour.

Book is available from Ryland Peters & Small.

Happy colouring.


emma lamb said...

Love the 'Blazer' colour and the black wall paper... As the quote says, you can always paint over it again if you decide you don't like it... So you should definitely go for it!
Emma x

Iris said...

I love Farrow and Ball's colours, they have so much character and depth. I am considering painting our bedroom in Elephant's Breath (don't you just love the name alone?).

P.K said...

Hmm, now you have tempted me. My house is in different shades of linen. Those colours look so rich, and would certainly change the mood. The wallpapers are beautiful, a wall in the blue would be lovely. I'll have to visit their shop next week.