Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lyon, clothes cakes cheese and charcuterie

Overindulgence is always a danger when we cross the La Manche. Delicious cheeses, sausages and hams, cakes and pastries glazed and glistening with caramelised sugar and berries, pastel pink meringues piled high like raspberry clouds. I saw some beautiful dresses with cotton ruffles and light gauzy tunics, at least my credit card forgotten, safe at home was spared a battering.


Mrs M said...

Making me hungry! yummy! Like your new header!

Leah/ The Farm, The Sea and The Big City said...

This post makes me want to visit Lyon soon!

Caroline Hancox said...

yum, I know what you men about crossing the sea to just way too much eating! Its too good not too though!

I really like your blog, its a good read