Sunday, 4 July 2010

12 with Isidora, Kate, Julie and Maureen

Isidora of E-sidora

- a letter my father sent me when I was only two months old, and that was before he had even seen me. I believe that it was a moment when he predestined me to be a letter fan.
- another letter is from my sister when she was little
- a pair of "opanci", traditional shoes from balkans I got as a present more than 25 years ago
- my kindergarten drawing of dandelions. I started drawing my way, but the teacher told me it's not how dandelions look like, so I finished with her version. mine was better, I see it now clearly. :)
- my notebook from 1st grade
- a bible
- my favorite skirt because it suits me best of all clothes i own
- my first camera
- matryoshka, the smallest one from set
- sarah kay sticker album
- a picture book "Hedgehogs little house"
- natalie jost's coloring book because it was a reward for the first contest I won in my life

Kate Kelleher of Blue sky butterfly studio.

My jewellery box, given to me by a friend. It is a fancy old medicine box, filled with jewellery that I have collected over the years. I have a small crush on Emma Cassi’s jewellery, it’s so delicate and beautiful. Each season she creates magical wonder and I love it.

Our family money box pig, we bought this in china town when it was Chinese New Year when my boy was born. It has bought us luck ever since, despite the fact my boy took a hammer to it when he was two as he wanted to see what was inside! I have attempted to glue it back piece by piece, but as you can see a fair amount is missing!

My glass wedding domes bought in Paris, filled with little bits from our wedding day.

My wedding bracelet, with a teal heart an old friend gave me.

Memory blocks, pictures printed onto ceramic tiles collected over the years, evoking thoughts of different times and places.

A carved wooden box my husband gave to me this year on our wedding anniversary.

My sketch book filled these days with pictures I find inspiring, be it through colour, form or pose.

Behind the sketchbook is a painting I am working on at the moment. It is a little camera shy, made from silver leaf that has been treated and worked upon to create a smoky grey exterior.

And finally, liberty suitcases. I bought a few when they opened the doors for the Merci Liberty collaboration. We gave one to my husband’s god daughter filled with treasures for her christening day. Another I am going to fill over the years for my daughter which I hope to give to her on her wedding day. And there is one more that I shall never be able to give away, some things are just too precious.

Julie of The craft caravan.

1. A beautiful photo book that a dear friend made me of all of my wedding photos.
2. A jar of love letters between my husband and I.
3. My favorite candlestick (rescued from the dumpster).
4. The silver tea set that my mom gave to me for my wedding. She purchased it when I was fifteen (and had to save it for thirteen long years...) One of the most beautiful things I own, and hands down the most valuable.
5. A lone birdcage earring that my mother in law gave to me, which I turned into a necklace. I have a hard time not wearing it every single day.
6. My collection of Anthropologie latte bowls. Anthropologie is so sneaky, always changing their colors so you have to buy more. I'd be so sad to lose the ones that are no longer available...
7. Photos of my dad as a little boy.
8. My copy of Etc., purchased just days ago and not yet fully read. Definitely rescuable.
9. An autobiographical homework assignment my husband made as a kid that still perfectly describes him.
10. An amazing hand-quilted book of drawings by my grandmother, depicting fashions throughout the ages. An amazing heirloom entrusted to me by my aunt.
11. The jar of money we keep for emergencies (and vacations!)

Thanks for inspiring me to take stock!

Maureen of Lady and light.

*An old jewel encrusted frame that belonged to my grandmother, some stones have fallen out but the picture of her happy smile still radiates.
*The Celtic cross bell was a something my husband and I picked out together as a reminder of our first trip to Ireland.
*The glass ball was a gift from a high school friend, sent from Japan. It always amazes me that the intricate Koi and Japanese characters were painted through a tiny hole on the underside of the ball. *Blush brush that I received from my grandmother as a child.
*New York Confidential book, I picked this up on a trip to New York when I was 20. I can still remember being inside the bookstore and finding this little book. It reminds me of everything that was so mysterious, fast, loud, dangerous, and exciting about my two weeks in the city, spent with two close friends.
*The Nepal Prayer Wheel was what I brought back with me from my first truly eye opening travel experience. I spent six weeks backpacking through Asia with my cousin G, three of which were spent hiking the Annapurna's. I fall back on these memories whenever I want to lift my spirits and it comforts me that no matter what I will always have that experience.
*A picture of myself on my beautiful Mother's lap. She is one of my best friends and I talk to her about anything and everything, I feel very blessed to have such a close relationship with her.
*Small martini glass that belonged to my Great Aunt Buddy (sister to my grandmother in the picture). She lived many years after my Grandmother passed, and she was the pure embodiment of a women with a cutting sense of humor. She never failed to say exactly what she thought, and it always brought everyone great laughs.
*Blue Moroccan "lamp", another travel artifact that brings me back to certain smells and tastes, images of the sunsetting over a land of sand.
*A journal, which was a gift from a good friend. I love journals and have always brought along a small one while traveling.
*A ring from a yearly family trip taken to the ocean, symbolizing the importance of tradition.
*A necklace from a trip to Spain.

These items serve as reminders of my past and great experiences I've had in my life. Some tie me to the importance of family and others to the importance of travel, friendship and love. The only thing I would have also added to the picture but could not would be my camera, I take it with me everywhere and helps me explore the world I live and love. So I guess there are really Thirteen Things.

Thank you for the opportunity to think about important things in my life and the chance to share a few tangible examples of them with you.


countrymummy said...

What glorious treasure-troves with beautiful backstories. Delicious. Am inspired to find my dozen objects.

RedFish said...

How beautiful. If it wasn't so late I too would be off to find my twelve, it's a great challenge to make you really think about what is so important.
Hope you don't mind me asking, we are coming down to Sussex the week after next for a couple of days with the Original Hut Company. Have researched a few places to go in Hastings Old Town and Rye but can you give me some pointers off the beaten track?
Thanks in anticipation!

Jen said...

I like your vintage collection. Especially that jewelry box. Super cute!

Lobster and swan said...

Hi there these links should give you a few pointers of great places to visit while in sussex!

Olivia said...

wow I love the jewellry/medicine box! and by the way, aaages ago, did you have a feature in grazia? or a similar magazine? i was digging through all my old magazine the other day and i found a lobster and swan article! :D


Seth said...

What a brilliant and fascinating idea. So interesting to see what possessions each person connects with.

brooke said...

Great collection, love the box.


Marte Marie Forsberg said...

What a wonderful mood-board cluster!
At first I got so excited about the images only, but then I started reading and became so happy to read about the dear relationship with your mom.
I feel the same way about mine, and yes we are incredibly blessed;)