Friday, 18 June 2010

Lisa Stickley's tea time crockery

Happy weekend to you, I have had a lovely day out with my sister. Eaten way too much, spent a little too much. But I arrived home to find my inbox full of fun things. Some just for me and some to share, like this.

I have been a fan of Lisa Stickley for years now, I love her nostalgic memory inducing designs, I once got a cushion cover from her stand at one of the home shows when she was just starting out, and seeing the photos now I realise that is was Lisa herself who helped me choose a design that day.

Her newest collaboration is with Debenhams and Lisa is launching a beautiful collection that will include printed bed linen, kitchen storage, tea time crockery, table linen and kitchen textiles as well as decorative accessories. If only my buckling kitchen shelves could take another cake stand.
Recently I was lucky enough to steal some of her time and Lisa answered these questions for me. I hope you find her answers inspiring.

Who or what are you creative influences?

I am very much a magpie and constantly collect bit and pieces from all over the place. I have always been drawn to the more utilitarian times of the 1940’s and the colour and way of life from the 50’s. I have always been a passionate admirer of the artist cy twombly and the wonderfully poetic nature of his paintings. also I am an avid collector of david shrigley. I love the way that he sees the world and his topsy turvy, idiosyncratically intellectual work.

What has been one of your favourite collaborations or design opportunities?

I have particularly enjoyed my collections for the last 10 seasons for Ships in Japan. this is an ongoing collaboration and is great especially when we get to go and visit Tokyo and enjoy the karaoke culture!

Across the pond (and in their new stores in London town) I have embraced the concept of the frilly pinny, and along side other kitchen product I have pulled together a kitchen collection for Anthropolgie.

Was it difficult to manage your own range whilst working with such a big high street department store such as Debenhams?

It is always a good test to manage time well and even harder to switch off at the end of each day. I often have as many projects on the go at any one time along side working on my own ranges and of late working hard on the PR side of things. I seem to have interviews coming in from all directions at the moment, which is fantastic if not a little exhausting! I very much enjoy being busy though and have a great team working with me who all help in keeping things running smoothly and look after me very well.

It seems as though a good dose of nostaligia goes into the mix when you are designing your collections, would you share one of your fondest childhood memories?

It would have to be repeatedly watching the sound of music with my best friend Jo often dressed up as rabbits with tights on our heads!

I fondly remember a notes and doodles page like a mini blog that was sent out via e-mail will you continue to write this.

Yes! we send out regular updates of the goings on at lisa stickley hq to everyone who is on our mailing list and notes and doodles is a favourite page of mine, although we are moving more hi tec (!) too, and will be blogging more and more often in the near future.

What is you favourite sunday outfit?

If I am lucky my pyjamas with a cup of tea and the sunday papers. if I am very lucky and the weather is good a bikini and beach towel on the common or on the beach in kent! sunday should be time to relax.

Tell me more about the most treasured item in your house.

This is tricky as most of the items/ pieces in my home are important to me one way or another as I do tend to surround myself with things I love. people always come before objects though so a big Sunday roast with friends and family around the table makes me very happy. my goldfish Ingrid and Marmaduke sit quite high on the treasured list!

I dream of running my own business, what are the key elements to managing your own time? do you let work and social time overlap?

Hmm, social life is very rare at the moment and I am working hard to find a good balance (its difficult to stop when you love what you do). running a business does take an enormous amount of energy, focus and determination and I am very lucky to have extremely supportive friends and family around me. time off is very important but often very much a luxury, although fully taken advantage of when it happens!

Thank you Lisa.

All images from the Lisa Stickley range for Debenhams.


Sea Angels said...

Hi that was really interesting..I too am a big fan of Lisa's she is the kind of quirky I like... thank you for the treat xx
Lynn x

The Design Dish said...

very very nice!
The Design Dish

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

These designs all look fantastic. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Lisa really is the new Cath Kidston. I love her designs because they aren't too twee. Great interview by the way.

Sadie at Flea xxx

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

Love her retro style and thanks for the interview; always interesting and inspiring to have a glimpse of the inner workings of a fellow creative... Linda x

Polly said...

Wow I am also a fan of Lisa Stickley's work. In fact I used her as artist influence in my last project! Great interview, thanks x

Megan Taylor said...

Hello! That's a beautiful dish and saucer. I've been enjoying your blog so much upon first glance. Very lovely, xo, Megan.

Helen said...

I've never discovered Lisa before this, but I love these designs! I'm a sucker for pretty crockery too.

Melissa Blake said...

Ahhh, thanks for the great interview! :)

Rose said...

really enjoyed reading this with a lovely cup of latte- would love some of her China and good for Debenhams for seeking out such a cool collaborator