Thursday, 24 June 2010


As you will know I am a great lover of All those wonderful fashion collections under one roof. I trawl through images full of colour and dream fabrics, and I save them for future posts. These however got filed without labels or words and I am not 100% on all the designers. So I have gathered them all together for this post. Some coral a little sparkle, some that swish and others that float, nipped in waists, delicate layering. Some subtle and a lot of brights. All my favourite things.

It is another perfect day out but I need to list my life on Ebay to make some much needed space for when we (hopefully) eventually put our house on the market later this year. I will try to make a break and retreat out in to the sunshine for an iced coffee later, I wonder who I can find to join me?

All images


Rose said...

2nd down on the left is incredible!

preparing for moving is a neverending task. I think if I ever filled a whole house I might not be able to leave. I read about a man who had so many books his house started to tip- I fear with enough money and the right book shops that could be me.

Sam and Livi said...

i love all the florets~

Katarina said...

Beautiful, I love n.3 and 4 especially!

Red Boots said...

Do share the link to your ebay shop! I bet it's the best on ebay!