Friday, 30 April 2010

Pastel puddings and ballroom dancing

Good weather is keeping me in high spirits, baking pear and almond muffins and sweet spiced nuts. Out and about I picked up some of my favourite puddings from the Chinese supermarket and Some broken blossom boughs from a walk in the park on the way to visit a friend.

The shoes I mentioned in my last post are from Bourne, they are from last seasons range but there are lots of new bejewelled designs or try Ebay for similar. Continuing on the shoe theme I visited Kirt Geiger and I picked up a pair of super cute silver ballroom style shoes for £29 so no lunch money for me next week. Time to hand the debit card in to my husband I think. I don't know what it is about silver and gold shoes but I am building up quite a collection, I love them.

Happy weekend to you.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A pair of Carrie shoes

The sun rushed in and my appetite for colour went through the roof. A lunch with friends on Sunday, a little retail therapy whilst visiting some new boutiques in the Old Town. Vintage plates, pretty pins, paisley cupcake cases, and a pair of Carrie shoes which were so pretty I blew my whole weekend budget on them.

How did you spend your weekend?

Thursday, 22 April 2010

sweet treats, plans and inspiration.

Last weekend was spent preparing sweet treats for a Saturday night gathering. Teeny meringue and fruit tarts, brownies, yummy white russian cupcakes from this book, and fresh strawberry ice cream. Seems I ate way too little cake and drank too much Rum. Although Sunday morning I did manage to fight through the hangover and craft a green iced dinosaur out of chocolate cake for a two year old's birthday party. Miracle. It all went down hill after I became a human climbing frame. So will be having quiet Saturdays in for a few weeks.

Has everyone else been really enjoying the sunshine? Even from indoors, my windows pushed open, curtains fluttering in the fresh spring breeze. Tidying magazine scraps into folders and paper piles all over the living room table (much to my husbands dismay).

I have been gathering images for a holiday inspired mood board hoping I can weed out the black leggings and grey cardigans for more colourful and bejewelled style capsule wardrobe to take away with me to Marrakech. All my greys fall together so easily and the revival of leggings has made me utterly lazy about dressing. Feel another wardrobe cull fast approaching.

Still procrastinating about what to sew these beautiful stones onto. A trip to Liberty is needed to get some fabric and design some cushions. All this colour is making my imagination boil over.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Princess diaries.

Something pretty for a Monday morning. So many beautiful details on these gowns by Zuhair Murad. I love the delicate glistening antique feel of them all.

All images Zuhair Murad.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A thing for beauty

Aren't some things so beautiful that they almost cause you physical pain? I feel like that about the inspiration boards of the blog A thing for. I want to get inside the pictures and live the moments all for myself. I discovered them earlier today over at Once Wed

Check out her other lovely blog too. The post featuring turquoise walls makes me happy.

All images A thing for

Writing for joy

Just thinking this morning about how it was high time I got on with some paper correspondence (I owe nanny a letter). And although I seem to cover every surface in our house with creative debris, I have always wanted a desk for just writing letters and cards and love this desk makeover featured earlier this year over at Design sponge. I have lots of french paper, vintage stamps and tissue lined envelopes that would look beautiful nestled in a writing nook like this.
Whilst looking for other bits and pieces to decorate I popped over to Lynne at Tea for joy's online store Papermash and found some stationery items almost so lovely I wouldn't want to post them out!

If you are heading over to Tea for joy be sure to read a few of my favourite posts from 2010.
The one about a makeover
The one about a picture
The one about Flowers
The one about Style.

Top images from Design sponge. Product images Papermash.

Monday, 12 April 2010

chalky whites and shimmering silvers

Recently found this lovely post over at Gathering Spriggs and thought I would bring some of the tattered glory back here for you. I have posted before about the locations company 1st Option but this just got me all overwhelmed again hoping we can move into a house next year and have more rooms to decorate with chalky whites and shimmering silvers.

The two houses featured here are Myddelton House and Richmond Road.

All images 1st

Ps still trying to sort out a face Book, so look out for the link in the side bar, I apologise to anyone who already added me I thought it was good to go but it was a profile not a fan page oops!

Eat Me

Party planning for the weekend, I need to make a chocolate dinosaur for a friends little girl in the style of George from Peppa Pig, and for Saturday night's cocktail party I am thinking Margarita cupcakes from the oh so pretty book Eat Me by Xanthe Milton. This book is so pretty and full of magical recipes perfect for a fairytale bake sale.

I am on the run this morning late for work as usual.
Back later.

I hope you all had a marvellous weekend.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Getting up and dressed

It officially starts today. My four day week. The new blog is finding it's feet with the help of my husband and all the technical stuff is slowly sinking in pixel by pixel. So while all that unfolds I thought I would pick out some Betty from Mad Men style clothes to keep me focused on getting up and dressed even though I am staying home. All of the above are from Lk Bennett's spring/summer collection.

Dean is in NYC at the moment and although I need help with bigger tasks, I have achieved a few baby steps on my own today. The link for the Face Book page is now in the side bar here with my new E-mail address too. And I have posted the below video for anyone stuck indoors peering out at what seems to be a very dark sky for a spring day. So, tap shoes at the ready, lets get up.