Wednesday, 31 March 2010

foil wrappers and chocolate rabbits

Rushed off my feet so far this week, with the end of the tax year looming and Easter bank holiday in a few days, work has been hideous. Have been looking through the pictures I took when Company magazine visited and thought I would share some of my photos from the day and a quick flash of the article.

Have you any plans for the weekend? As I am sure you know, I love any kind of celebration and hope to bake and ice some fondant fancies for my friends. I love the idea of Easter cake and egg hunts, pretty foil wrappers and chocolate rabbits.

I have a fancy dress party to go to on Saturday and also hope I will be able to sneak a few hours in with my husband before he heads off to New Jersey for a few days next week. So jealous of his proximity to NYC it is unreal. Then there is the building of that new blog and I will looking for small boutiques and blogs for sponsors. Watch this space for more news.

Have fun with your families and loved ones this weekend.

Friday, 26 March 2010

It's true to say I have been lounging around doing not much. Don't know what is up with me this week. Lots of people are off work with sickness so the rest of us are taking up the slack and by the time I get in I am a little despondent. Hopefully I will buck my ideas up by the time my weekend starts tomorrow at 4pm.

Hope your week has been more fulfilling.

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Wreaths and wishes

Happy Monday everyone I hope your weekend was filled with sunshine and happiness. My husband has been away again at a trade show in Taiwan so I have actually been back in my work room, getting the feel for making a few more things as its only two more weeks until I drop a day at the bank. Hooray! Some tiny blossom adorned wreaths have been added to the shop to bring the first days of spring ever closer to home.

Ps I was featured in April's issue of Company Magazine and I would love for you to vote for my blog in the poll over at their site.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Early morning sunshine

A run of good weather and early morning sunshine has put a spring in my step and I am finally getting around to listing the wreaths I made over at Etsy. I have a few more to finish and will share some more pictures soon.

Monday, 15 March 2010


Something to finish off your outfit from the previous post? I love these beautiful jewel encrusted bangles from Emma Cassi's new collection.


I know many of you loved my frilled dress from a few posts ago so here is a little collection of shear spring delicates that can be layered together from Topshop. The shopping centre is a danger zone for me and my credit card at the moment. Probably need to get some blinkers fitted to stop me peeking in the windows and seeing all the pretty dresses on display.

I had such a lazy weekend, never even got out of my pyjamas or left the house. I need to get up and baking soon and then get out in that beautiful sunshine that is blazing through my windows. Have a great Monday I hope you haven't all had to work?

Saturday, 13 March 2010

changing spaces

I love the wonder on the faces of the train passengers as they get off the train at Carlisle station after one of Homebase's guerilla makeovers. How fun would it be to randomly do one of these makeovers in your neighbourhood? Maybe I will take on a park bench or bus shelter of my own when warmer weather finally arrives.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sweet apples

I can't believe it is Thursday already. I had such a lovely weekend, chilly but lovely, we spent Sunday in Lewes. Breakfast at Bills, I had grilled vine tomatoes - rocket, basil and balasamic on toasted sourdough. We peeked in a few shops, then came home. A rosy setting sun and supper from Middle Farm. Sweet apples with bread and cheese. The rest of the week has flown by. I am so looking forward to Spring, this new cold snap is lasting so long.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Paper trail

Up early to add a few new paper garlands to the shop before I head out, I have the day off today and after a week of bitter cold but sunny days today of course is grey grey grey. Although there is a tiny crack in the clouds a seam of light which makes me hopeful. Maybe I will meet my friend and be able to drink my coffee outside?

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Still obsessing

Still obsessing over ruffles of all kinds, especially ones made of frothy lace and chiffon then encrusted with sequins and beads. You will have to bear with me as I think this is an everlasting condition. Todays close ups are from the Elie Saab Spring 2010 couture collection over at

Monday, 1 March 2010

Lost Things

After a wild night out I woke up on Sunday morning to find this beautiful film in my mailbox. A real day saver. I instantly fell in love. With the styling the music and Alison's red hair. I will watch it over and over. This stop motion short was made by Angela Kohler and her boyfriend Ithyle, with Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy.
I know you will enjoy the film as much as me, So I sent Angela over some questions and I am so glad she had time to answer them. Pop over and take a look at Angela's wonderful portfolio too.

What was the inspiration behind this piece?

We wanted to make a visual journey, and we collaborated with Alison from the beginning, talking about the motifs that she likes in her personal life and in her music. We went to flea markets and picked up objects that inspired us, then we built the piece around all of those elements.

How long did it take to make?

3 days. We built the fake floor in our studio in one day, then shot the film in 2 days. When we were done Ali was pretty sore and from laying on her back on a wood floor for so long, and we all had a few splinters. It took a week to clean up.

Were there any parts of the film that were particularly hard to capture?

The Ocean scene was an experiment with string. We thought it would look amazing and flow, but it was really hard to get the enormous pile of yarn to be hidden behind her skinny little waist before it began to stretch to the edges of the frame. She was teetering on this giant yarn ball trying to be comfortable.
And our dog kept running off with pieces of it.

Who is the music by ?

Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy (who is the main character in the piece) crafted the music to fit the film and Butch Walker engineered and produced it.

Where or who are all the dresses from / made by?

Most of the clothing was vintage.

Who or what are some of your creative influences?
We are inspired by things around us. Old things. Things with texture and history. We do a lot of "hey look at this" to each other. I think if it is beautiful, it inspires us.

Do you have anymore that you are working on?
We are currently working on a series of advertisements for the Amazon Kindle as well as a bunch of personal projects, we are a little OCD, there is always some idea that we can't keep our minds off of.

Thanks again Angela.