Friday, 8 January 2010

Silk velvet

The soft white snow has drawn in around my house like a silk velvet blanket, quieting footsteps and stopping all traffic. A white peacefulness has descended and if I open my window the quiet it beautiful.

My husband should have arrived in Honolulu just about now, to opposite weather.


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello there
Silk velvet, indeed, a great description. I think that if we can slow down long enough to enjoy it, it really is a special blanket of peace from Nature. I hope you feel a little better today and that you have plenty of food supplies to keep you well fed under the snow blanket. Your photos of the house are exquisite as always. And the yellow picture from the last post is just so delightful - as you know, I'm fond of yellow!
Take care, Jeska,
D xx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Wow Honalulu, it couldn't be more dramatically different to icy Europe!

Sarah x

Relyn said...

Is that a sculpture of a little girl on your mantle? A photo? Please tell me about it. I am in love with her.

CA said...

I love your mantle. I am moving to a condo/townhouse that I want to warm up with a mantle as opposed to an electric fireplace.

Did you build this yourself? I have a handy brother who owes me favours.

This room is really great. Carolanne

Madhavi said...

I have never commented before, I just stop by regularly to drool over your lovely pics...but I had to comment today cause I feel like we have this weird connection, cause I live in Kailua, which is...drum roll please! over the pali from Honolulu!!
So yeah, sorry to get all celebrity stalker-ish on you hehe...
love your site!

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful description. We are surrounded by the silk velvet as well. In fact, after plowing into a snowdrift this morning, I landed on my bum about 3 times in the lovely velvet stuff that felt anything but!! lol!!

Love your site!

Jane from Chicago