Friday, 31 July 2009

a performing seal

I have loved my week, (aside from work) by day I have been decorating paper, hanging out with super cute babies, trying out a new perfume and making sure I eat my five a day. By night I have been going to the cinema, visiting the chinese state circus (people not animals) with my sister, drinking caramel milkshakes and eating with friends. Yum.

I love the way little Amelia looks at me as if to say what the hell do you think you are up to pointing that thing in my face, am I a performing seal? he he, bless her.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

My day just got 100 times better.

I was having quite a rubbish day today, so to get home and find that dear sweet Denise from a bun can dance has nominated me for an award over at Dorset cereals really made me feel special. So if you like spending time over here and have time pop on over and register your vote at Dorset cereals.

Thanks so much Denise!

Lovely bunting picture from A bun can dance.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Billy und Hells

Stunning and moody all at once. I am overwhelmed by these photo's from Billy and Hells found via Emma cassi.

I know this post has the air of summer ending around it too, but the seasons that really spark my joy are Spring when everything starts to come back to life after the sleepy darkness of Winter and the drawing in of Autumn after a long balmy and stormy Summer. I will try to leave it here, but today I am excited at the prospect of wrapping up in a snug cardigan, big knitted socks on my feet and a cup of hot berry cordial containing a dash of port warming my hands.

I am keen to know how you like your seasons? What aspect of each season or small pleasures make you smile the most?

All images Billy and Hells and Marlene Ohlsson

Whisper this

I know it is still summer, so I will just whisper this in your ear. I picked up the new Noa Noa catalogue the other day.

As one of the trees outside my window is already dropping it's golden leaves, I feel I can share some of the Autumnal loveliness from within the pages. Seems like a little Pug goes perfectly with any outfit from the collection.

I have today off so I will be relishing some time away from my desk, see friends and savour a coffee.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

A sense of Summer

Hello Monday.
To forget the grey sky that is dominating my morning I am spending some time looking through the exquisite summery images from the beautiful portfolio of photographer Roger Weber

All images Roger Weber at Marlene Ohlsson.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Word of the day

Happy Saturday!

Photo from one of my super cute flickr contacts Elsie.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Wardrobe inspiration

Taking inspiration from Audrey Tautou in her new role as Coco Chanel, I cannot wait to see this film, and I will not be satisfied until I find a proper boat necked blue and white striped top to wear on sundays, surely I will need it to plant window boxes . . . . . to collect freshly baked rolls from the bakery. . . . to drink coffee at outdoor cafe tables . . . . to paint. . . . to read . . . . . .

Any one know where I can get my hands on an authentic one?

All images from Coco before Chanel.

Happy Friday!

Our house is quiet today

I know it has been a bit quiet around here this week. My husband left for California today. So I have been preparing for that. You would think by now I would be used to it. But I always feel a sense of loss for a couple of days before I get on just fine.

No one to argue over the remote with, no one to make homemade ice cream for, no one to use the last of the milk, no one to leave his toothbrush in the shower. No one to help keep those struggling little basil plants alive.

Just the herbs and me. So while I wait for the return of my favourite arms. I will keep busy listing some new Estate sale boxes and I also have some new photo prints to add to the shop very soon.

Friday at last so I will wish you all a magnificent weekend and better get ready for work.

Monday, 20 July 2009


Two looks I adore from the Moschino Cheap & Chic resort 2010 collection seen at
Easily achievable from the high street on modest budget like mine.

All images

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Summer fete

My stitching room looks like a summer fete. All around it hang the new garlands for my shop. Finally finished and ready to find new homes.

I really feel I have got so much done today. I hope everyone else has had a fulfilling weekend. Has anyone else been making anything?

Have a happy Sunday evening.

Just before I go, there seem to be a lot of f's in this post, no?

Friday, 17 July 2009

At last

At last. It's mine. I have it in my hands. To keep. Forever. Flicking through all 213 beautiful pages at all the wonderful places to visit. Already planning another trip. To go back to Paris and take this handmade tour. To follow in Pia's stylish footsteps. An Autumn weekend in Paris sounds perfect to me.

All images Pia Jane Bijkerk

wedding directory

I was recently asked by another blogger to recommend some of my favorite wedding sites. This is an edited down collection of the cream of wedding inspiration. Each one has link lists so you can run off on a tangent and get lost up to your veil or tiara in table settings, menu ideas, bridal fashion, favors and all the things that put together make your special day a perfect day.

Even if you are already married like me or not planning a wedding but just need some ideas for adding some extra sparkle to a special event, dinner, party or maybe just an evening with yourself! These are the best places to start to help your little seed of thought bloom.
Some I am sure you will already know, but I hope you like them all as much as I do!

100 Layer cake

Style me pretty

Snippet and Ink

The wedding chicks

Southern weddings magazine

Once wed

Little white book

Junebug weddings

For dipping french bread in hot chocolate

A pretty bowl for breakfast, latte, pudding, hot chocolate, rice, soup, drinking, noodles, dipping.

It came from Julia Davey.

Others available from Folksy

The perfect shawl.

Lovely new work from My folk lover-Catherine Campbell. I love the shawl on the girl in the top right hand corner.

For more new prints see Catherine's shop and for news of upcoming shows pop over to her blog.

All images Catherine Campbell.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


A very cheerful notion for my tomorrow. Found over at where the sidewalk begins via le love image.