Tuesday, 8 December 2009


A glimmer of joy in another dark and wintry day was finding my favourite pair of earrings and a long lost necklace within a secret tear in the lining of a bag I rarely use.
It was just like when Carrie finds her "carrie" necklace in the final episode of SATC. I also found all these paper cocktail decorations in one of my kitchen cupboards and think they are just perfect for some kind of garland, maybe a dash of glitter, what do you think?

Any small things happened to make your day?


Miz.November said...

I remember the moment when Carrie found her necklace. I'm glad you found yours.

Anna said...

Love those paper garlands and the contrasting trim. Just lovely.

Simply Mel said...

I just found a $20 bill in my coat pocket from last winter!

nadia said...

My mum gave me her pearl necklace, valuable and passed down from her mother, i put it away for safe keeping and i could not find it for days, month and years when i had finally decided it must be gone for good. one day i was having an awful day and had a good cry when i found myself looking for a tissue there it was the necklace at the bottom of the plastic tissue bag, i was so happy. this story happens a few times with different things they always show up when i am feeling really down.

as far a small good thing today the snow is melting and the sun is so bright that the melted snow is falling from the rooftop mixed in with the sun it looks like crystal are dropping from the sky!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Beautiful jewellery, Jeska, no wonder you're delighted to have found it again!
Things which made me smile most today: my lovely lunch (see blog!) and having my hair cut with a new fringe!
D x

Lobster and swan said...

Wow, some wonderful things have happened today, thanks for sharing these little sparkles from your day.

Laura said...

I finally tidied up my dining room ready for xmas, and had a nice dinner out with friends. I love it when i find stuff that is lost, i recently found a ring that my mother gave me years ago and i lost it. The ring actually turned up in the bathroom cabinet (weird)I was so happy i found it!

*gemmifer* said...

I had made a mother of pearl and silver necklace that I really liked. One day I couldn't find it and tore apart my apartment looking for it... no luck. At least 6 months later, I pulled a messenger bag out of my closet and what was sitting in the side pocket, but my necklace! I love when small things like this can make my day, and glad that you had your own small happiness today!

Tessa Marie said...

Hello! I'm a bit of a lurker on your blog, but I thought I'd use this prompt as an excuse to de-lurk. I love that you lived out a Carrie moment! My little bit of glimmer today was coming home to my sparkling holiday lights, a cozy couch and plenty of firewood to warm things up.

Love your blog!

Helena said...

Aw, that would've made my day.

Those would also make a really beautiful wreath! Imagine it with a huge puffy bow at the bottom. (and glitter, of course.)

I FINALLY bought a Christmas tree and put it up last night - I'm so excited about decorating at the moment!

Valisa said...

yesterday I took my mom's old jaded (pearl) necklace to the jeweller to have it reset and to preplace the catch. The jeweller fiddled with it and it turned out the silver catch still works just needed some tightening up :-) I used to think jade jewellery looks too old fashioned and ancient. But today when I put it on, it glistens against my skin and looks soo good with my cashemere sweater! I feel like a million dollars :-)

I know exactly how you feel Jeska and I take carrie moment over aha moment anyday!


Grey Lemon said...

I often come to visit your blog. I love your photos and the atmosphere of your blog, also your collages on "record the day", really beautiful and inspiring...! I have the pleasure to announce you I've nominated "Lobster and Swan" for a Kreativ Blog Award!! Felicitations!! A bientot!!

LissyLou said...

I loved it when carrie found her necklace!!!! and ooo i remember those paper decorations from when i was a kid.
My little thing that made me happy today was when my 2 year old opened a christmas card and for the first time ever said 'amazzzzzing!!'
Also going up our town churches tower with my eldest to ring the bell and look out at the high street x'mas lights (he was on a beaver scouts trip)

Mo said...

My good friend brought me back a lovely ring from Barcelona with a gorgeous giant Labradorite stone in the center. A big chunky beautiful peice that I wore often. One day I noticed the big sonte had fallen out.
Months later I was vaccuuming out my car and almost vaccuumed up the stone from under the seat! Finding it was the best feeling!

My happiness today was snuggling with my black lab neala by the portable heater.

Susan said...

I'm a new reader to your blog - loving it so far!

When I was a teenager, I lost a handmade earring at a festival with 10,000 people attending. The next day my brother (who wasn't attending with me, and who didn't know I'd lost the earring) said to me, as he reached in his pocket, "I found something on the street yesterday; don't you have a pair of earrings like this one? I picked it up to give you as a spare, in case you ever lose one of yours..."

Yes, cue the lights and applause, it was my very own earring.

Lovely, when lost things you're missing find their way back to you, isn't it?