Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December things

Best of today

Opening another door of our advent calendar
Photographing and packaging the last few garlands I will make for a while.
Finding time to read magazines.
Unwrapping next years calendar from Kitty Rogers


Jan said...

The fan hanging on the coathook is so pretty. Picture 4 looks similar to one of my drawers full of paper pretties.

Anonymous said...

love the calendar pieces and the envelope. honestly, everything in all the pictures posted up are absolutely lovely. i have a soft spot for such beautiful creative things.

kitty said...

Oh how I adore your photographs, Jeska! I have been preparing for a craft show for weeks and am just now getting caught up with my fave blogs...what a pleasure to see my teeny tiny calendar here! ;o)


Lana said...

These photos are so so pretty! And your garlands look stunning!