Sunday, 29 November 2009

The first snowflakes

Still getting the most out of the roses from last weeks party and making some delicate snowflake garlands from doilies for a shop update.

How has your weekend been?

Saturday, 28 November 2009

beautiful simplicity

Stopped in my tracks this morning by beautiful simplicity over at Design sponge.

Image from Design sponge via Workstead.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Coconut dusted iced cakes

Everything was pink at a birthday tea party for my sister last Sunday. Pearly balloons, coconut dusted iced cakes, tiny vases filled with baby and hot pink roses, candies in pastel shades, glasses of cream soda. Everyone brought something different to eat, gifts were given, then we happily watched Vogue documentary-the September issue.

Fashion, balloons and cake three of my favourite things, all in one sitting. I am looking forward to more gatherings with friends as christmas fast approaches.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

There's always pink

I am still alive! Is anyone still here? I feel like I have been in a dusty room covered in cobwebs and now I am ready to pull my socks up and break out. I will be back later with some pictures of a party we had on Monday inspired by this film, What a Way to Go-featuring Shirley MacLaine.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Other peoples things

A comment was left here, I think, on which post I am not sure, the trail back has abruptly ended and I am not 100% on where it began. I am one of those that find peace of mind from deleting my history and clearing out my sent/read messages. I must learn to hold on to this information longer.

Its late and I am very sleepy, I have just watched a film about Enid Blyton, beautiful costumes elegant setting, (Cath Kidston eat your heart out!) but boy oh boy, if the film is to be believed, behind closed doors she was a spiteful misery. Did anyone else watch it?
Now with my beliefs shattered I am heading off to bed. I thought I would share these pretty collections/collages from the commenter mentioned earlier, Spanish Rakufrecsia.

All images Rakufrecsia.

PS. happy Friday!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

empire of beauty

I seem to be at work all the light giving and sun dappled hours of the day and thus cannot take any photographs myself, so I am gathering pretty from everywhere I can just to share with you.
If you have never been before, take a trip over to visit Sara Duckett (this instant) at her blog, shop, portfolio and complete empire of beauty Sadie Olive. I have lots of similar things in my home and collections but the way this gal captures the beauty in everything just wows me every visit!

All images Sadie Olive.

Monday, 16 November 2009

chintz and frills, pink and turquoise

After cooing over a lean to I felt I had to just share just one more of 1st-option's locations, get a load of Bassett road. I need, need, need this house, the husband would not set one foot in here, way too much chintz and frills, pink and turquoise. But my friends and I could have a ball!

All images

Just a lil old lean to

and a wonderfully disheveled house. Today I have been on an interiors hunt and via Lynne's lovely pages, I halted at this great interior/exterior.

Richmond road is just swell also.

All images

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Pretties

Today I am very grateful to a good friend who surrendered her Sunday to help me cut a billion paper circles which meant I could sew 75m of snowy white paper garlands for a tea shop window display.

The weather has been pretty wild these last few days. I actually saw a sky dish fly past the lunch room window at work yesterday, but a break of sunshine through those mean clouds today meant that once all the garlands were stitched we could escape the house and grab coffee and a snack in town.

Anyway enough about the weather, I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend and bask in the glory that is these exquisite images from here and here at Paranaiv.

All images Paranaiv.

Happy weekend.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

where I have been

I am taking five minutes before I am swept off on a friends birthday day of fun, to pop in and say hello. I have missed being here but just have no time at the moment.

I have been . . . .

Sending packages
receiving parcels
making garlands
guest posting
eating salt butter caramels
visiting friends
watching "The September issue"
and "La vie en rose"
household stuff
back to work
I feel there is so much more to the list, but I think you understand.

My days have been so full and I will be back soon, when I get the time I promise to answer some of the questions that are left in your comments, which I so cherish, but I seem to get swept along and hardly ever reply. Just know that I read each one and am so glad that you visit me here.

I must say a super huge thank you to Holly for her extra lovely post about my blogs and I. To hear such words written about yourself can be quite overwhelming, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am. Thank you again Holly!

Friday, 6 November 2009

A stollen a day

I have been out taking photos for an article about my town. On my travels I discovered one of the coffee shops had delicious mini stollen cakes for sale. Needless to say I have returned day after day this week to buy some to accompany my coffee. I also found this great recipe that looks very close to what I tasted so I am going to give it a whirl later today.
Do you have any favourite festive recipes to share? I have been gathering magazine pages for so long about christmas recipes, decorating, entertaining and gifts, I really must to knuckle down and finish collating them all in a book.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Inner elf

Up early and that happy sun is up and looks to last a few hours so I must get out and take some pictures for an article I am writing. I have also added a few new garlands to the shop.
I suppose I should start adding some more festive items. I really don't like to think about christmas until at least mid November and with that fast approaching and the postal situation over here I guess its time. I am quite against the shops stocking their shelves with mince pies and christmas crackers in September, but all my magazines this month are getting geared up for the season of red and gold and then "Home alone' or some other festive film will be on TV and my inner elf can't be contained, I love snow, wrapping presents making yummy treats for family and friends, decorations.

Christmas spirit is potent stuff, so I will rein it in, still only November 4th. I think I will just do a tiny collection. Some festive garlands and wreaths.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Naturally being so close whilst in Wales we made the home lovers pilgrimage back across the border to Bailey's home and garden and luckily I have a husband that is as highly enthused by vintage kitchenware and antique shoe lasts as I am. We walked away with a signed book and two heavy bags filed with simple and stylish home accents. They were also advertising for a full time sales assistant, I almost begged Dean to leave me behind! Needless to say when we move to our rural cottage in the black mountains we will be going back for larger furnishings.

All images Bailey's home and garden.

This lovely

Back home now, and oh I do love our sweet little flat, but I would trade up and move to the remote cottage in the black mountains tomorrow.

So peaceful with nature all around. There was so much I loved . . . .

A blue-tit perched on my windowsill in the morning
Stunning views of Autumn all around
Baking potatoes in the fire
The swish of the river outside
Carving a pumpkin
Finding all the houses dotted around the mountains
and choosing which ones I would like to live in, all of them.
Meeting a farmer and his horse on the road
Not watching television
Rain on the roof at night
Playing scrabble

I am counting the days until we can have another holiday this lovely. For any of you who would love to spend a few days away from an overpopulated town and in a rural cottage Under the thatch is such a great company and where we rented this cottage (Pont Esgob) from.