Thursday, 10 September 2009

maybe you never knew

Still in bed with no place to go, I am very grateful to Denise for inviting me to write a seven things post.

I love that Denise never wears black, how cool is that? I barely ever stray from black and grey!

Here are seven new things that maybe you never knew about me.

Potty mouth
I swear too much, never in front of children, grandma's or my mum. But too often everywhere else. I don't say crude or dirty words ( I can be a bit of a prude) just swears. I am going to try and quit it.

Eating prawns gives me the shivers, I love the taste but have to chew them down quick. I think I have psyched myself out over them too much in the past. But if you batter them or wrap 'em in filo pastry you will hear no complaints.
I edit out the bad stuff. In everyday I look for the best. I know not everything can be perfect, but try to look past the angry domestic fray on the corner of my street or the rubbish all over the place and instead see the leaves changing colour or the person repainting their tired door ready for a new season.

I always had a hatred of blancmange, milky jelly never seemed right to me, I love glossy bright jeweled pots of jelly (never with ice cream). But lured in by Pearce Duffs retro packaging I picked up some blancmange the other week and chucked it in the super market trolly. We are going to give it a whirl and shoo away childish fears.

I don't especially like rabbits, but all my favourite childhood stories involve a bunny somewhere. Carrot cake by Nonny Hogrogian, where rabbit newlyweds set up a home and learn a bitter lesson about living together (it turns out okay in the end!), and The rabbit wedding a story about a black rabbit marrying a white rabbit. Plus a whole stack of Beatrix Potter's.
They always have such vibrant lovable personalities in books, a shame that in real life they are quiet and keep themselves to themselves.
Dental records
I have the same teeth as my dad. My own set of course but matching none the less. When we smile its the same pearly whites that shine out in the picture. Long in the front. But quite a good set, I better start taking better care of them. I have to have a wisdom out soon, and this has really hit home how much sugar and sweets I consume. I guess I should throw out the candies along with those swear words.

Getting older gets to me somedays. I look at photos and see lines. As 30 passed by it all seemed to start going down hill. On the inside it's yay, I have never been happier. On the outside it is a twenty four hour a day maintenance job to stay slim and hold on to some kind of elegance. Starting with hanging on to those teeth of mine!

A final question, Not saying I want to end up looking like some certain celebrities (I will name no names) But I am interested to know has anyone reading had an experience with Botox?

Thanks again to denise for asking and thanks to you for taking the time to read such a long post.

I would like to know seven new things about everyone reading! Not that I am a demanding patient or anything! If not seven then just one if you are going to leave a comment? : )


Conversation Pieces said...

I love your list :D

I swear far too much too – though I tend to do it when I'm excited about something (or when I've had a drink) so I really have to check myself in front of relatives or clients. I have to say sometimes no other words will do though ;)

Trying to think of one random thing to share about me... mmm... can I confess that I have an actual (almost real) fear of zombies?!

tam said...

I love that photo you look so pretty x

Lobster and swan said...

even with my super long teeth?! : )

Signorina Svizzera said...

7 things? about us?! eek, this is hard.
maybe i will blog it tomorrow?
for now...
i spent 2 years here not at all tempted by the gelato (i know this sounds crazy now that i say it "out loud", but seriously, i was just not interested) and now i live across the street from an artisanale "gelateria". let's just say they know me really well, and that mondays (when they are closed) are the longest days for me.

Signorina Svizzera said...

p.s. i love bunny stories too! my cousin has a little black netherlands dwarf rabbit as well, so i am really into the bunny love :)

Lobster and swan said...

I too cannot stomach zombies, hate them, can't even watch funny films with them in!

they are so wrong with their moaning and outstretched arms yuk! : (

A Bun Can Dance said...

Thanks for playing along - and finding 7 entertaining things to tell ! I love the editing idea, it is the only way to live as far as I know, oh hang on... I feel a Monty Python song coming to mind!
And you think turning 30 was a shock... just wait til the body parts morph again post 40, believe me, this really is shocking!
Get well soon, I hope Doc had some good remedies for you.
Denise x

Miz.November said...

Botox, huh? I've wondered the same thing. My mom used to fuss at me for furrowing my brow all the time. I should have listened to her. Now I have a deep crease between my brows.

Vanya @ Endless Inspiration said...

when I was a kid, they only fish I liked was 'fish & chip' fish, as I called it then, all other fish was too fishy :)

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I've never learnt to drive and have no urge to whatsoever, I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy and on Derek in particular, I like a nice pronounced accent: Anthony Hopkins' voice makes me go weak at the knees, I love milky puddings and proper English custard (not the runny insipid crème anglaise we get over here), I seem to use the word 'crappy" far too often, I'm a veggie and I love and need a daily dose of coffee.

Lynne said...

No to Botox - but there's a reason I now have a fringe!

rosie tea said...

i've never tried blancmange. it terrifies me. but i am also about to embark on a trying adventure. perhaps this is the start of a new trend...

Anonymous said...

First off, I like this blog :)

I like to bake delicious cupcakes

I love hands, looking, touching, reading people's palms.

I was going to write 7 things about myself but realized that I'm far too lazy and I'd much rather go finish reading my book.

I still like this blog : )

countrymummy said...

7 things? I: am going to iknit today, rediscovered embroidery, don't love tomatoes, love living in the country, love visiting the city (any city), want to learn Russian, have not had Botox (but probably should). Hope you're feeling better. Lovely photos.

LissyLou said...

I'm like you with the editor bit - i've only been like it for about a year but its made my world a much lovelier place to live!!

catarina said...

First of all i´d like to say I've been reading your blog since almost a year and everyday I check it for inspiration to create my own... Soon, I hope... Anyway here is the thing: I do like to observe people around me and their talks whenever I'm in a coffe or beach... I'm not really interested in what they say but in the magic of the relationships in different families and how particular they can be...

Kylie said...

Fabulous! All I know about Botox is that you have to get it re-done every couple of months and I get annoyed at having my hair done that often so I couldn't be bothered! I'm a bit of a swearer myself... Love travelling and being anonymous in a big city, love hiding from the world and creating things...
Great post :) K

Gstar said...

Get well soon!!

7 things...

♥ I'm a bit of a polyanna, always trying to see the best in people, things, situations etc.
♥ I love to draw, paint & get creative but never seem to have enough hours in the day :(
♥ I'm taking up Spanish in a fit of bring proactive
♥ I met someone 5 months ago and never believed in 'the one' before him but am now very happily engaged
♥ Spring is my favourite season (I'm hoping to wed next spring)
♥ I love an adventure and spontaneity
♥ Would like to live by the sea one day

P.S. I think you'd look fabulous with firey red hair!


The Curious Cat said...

Interesting stuff - it is great to learn new things about you - thanks for sharing! People are so fascinating! xxx

nadia said...

Gosh, this was great! oh we share similar "editor" and "aged" really touched home with me, i do see the beauty in everyday even if my tone fluctuates daily! aged i feel happier then ever too- but the youth fullness that was once written all over my face has now changed to bolder letters:)

no to botox! you are gorgeous! go on araw diet for a few weeks youwill drop years trsut me and it is delicous!

Anonymous said...

I can't touch other people's hair (except for little kids), for whatever reason it grosses me out.


ps Feel better!

mistysmum said...

Well, I know a murderer (not well--we were in university together), but I figure (hope!) that isn't the norm! I have had so many teeth extracted (big teeth, small mouth) that I lost count at 26. I tend to be an editor in the opposite sense--I seem to see the negative above all else. It's a horrible way to be, and I am working on it, but I think I am essentially a melancholic person. I have been obsessed with sunscreen since I was 14, so at 33 my skin's not bad, but am starting to see little lines around my eyes that I do. not. like. (I have a ghostly white pallor as a result, however, and self-tanners give me a rash.) I have a baby grand piano that pretty much takes up my entire dining room (my house is old and has very small rooms). It causes dinner party limitations, but I love it. I have three cats and a dog. No human children. One of my cats has three legs (was hit by a car) but she gets around brilliantly, as though she never had a fourth leg. I keep an art journal, and I must admit that my collection of ephemera has taken over my den. My husband is so very tolerant (it helps that he's the messiest person I've ever met).

Wow, that feels narcissistic, but it gives you something to read while you convalesce! Feel better soon!

P.S. I really like the photo. Your teeth do not appear long. It's nice to see the face of the person whose words and photos I so love.

Helena said...

Firstly, I LOVE that hot pink door!

Secondly, I read your post this morning, and then ended up being cooked prawns for lunch at my mother's house. They are weirdly insect-like, I have to say, but it still doesn't stop me from eating them.

kerrie said...

lovely inspiring photos and words. I've recently started my own blog and am always looking for the positive and beautiful around me. on botox - having recently passed the 50 (gulp!) mark my birthday present to myself was facial rejuvenation with acupuncture - not as drastic as botox but my skin is feeling (and i hope looking!) really refreshed. glad to hear you're on the mend.

Leslie said...

won't leave the seven things (or is it five) but your photo is super. you have a super smile. definitely go for the auburn/hair and don't worry about botox. if i had half of your creative talent i'd be on the moon. finally, but most important, i love your courageous honesty on this blog!

Gigi said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your list and think your photo is really lovely. I have to say that your fear of blancmange reminded me of my fear of tomato aspic. I was forced to eat tons of jellied tomato once at the home of one of my grandmother's friends in Nova Scotia. I think I ate it quickly just to get it off my plate, and she understood my haste to mean that I loved it, so she dolloped another big helping onto the plate. Sigh. I was a very polite seven year old. To this day, the thought of tomato aspic gives me the heebie jeebies.
xo Gigi

Michele said...

Don't have time to think of 7 things.....but I will tell you a little something about botox, if you please tell me where the beach is from @ "dinner at the tides edge" (Aug. 21). I haven't had botox, but live in botoxland where the parties are all the rage and the pressure is intense to get it when you reach a certain stage.

Relyn said...

OK. One thing about me: I never, ever write using blue or black ink. Ick. No. It's hot pink, orange, sky blue, green, or purple for me.

rosyglow said...

I love your idea of editing out all the bad stuff from your day, what a great philosophy! I think I will borrow this one for myself too! x

sarah said...

I am with you 100% about blancmange, too many 70's birthday parties, milk and jelly don't go, its too yukky!!

Melanie said...

Ok, one thing about me.

I am a contest/giveaway/sweepstakes junkie. my boyfriend thinks im too
young to have this habit, because i have so much to do. but i love winning things..i never won any awards in high school, so this is as good as it gets!

Loved your list.

Anonymous said...

I can recommend a really good botox lady in London on Harley Street, my friends all go to her and they look amazing, she is known for leaving you with a subtle look, is pretty tough with how much you will need (doesn't do the frozen look) and doesn't charge too much...e mail me if you'd like her deets.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

First of all, you beautiful & adorable gal(love that photo) I love your 7 facts( I am that way about being a potty mouth as well) and a few more for one of my favorite gals while she gets to feeling better...
#2- am a little obsessive about keeping my feet looking nice( I am not a big fan of feet in general)
#3-love the smell of a wood burning stove
#4- am obsessed with a navy suede shoulder bag at j.crew and can't stop thinking about it :)
#5- I also cannot stand zombies and can't understand certain people being facinated with them.
#6- pet peeve: folks who wear sunglasses in doors(unless they have a medical reason for doing so)
#7- SO wish I could have a big party with all of my lovely blog gals and then a big sleepover! Are you in? :)

denise, the prime magpie said...

I rather like swearing. It's like therapy. But cheaper.

heather smith jones said...

You have beautiful teeth Jeska and seriously, you do not need Botox! :)

chandlerguera said...

1) I don't like tomatoes unless they're in food that I am unable to pick them out (i.e., salsa or ceviche).
2) I wish I could nap while I ride on the back of the motorcycle but that would be a bit dangerous.
3) As much as I love Arizona, I hope to move somewhere else someday.
4) I have a tuft of grey hair on my temple that I can't fight or cover for very long so I have no choice but to leave it and I'm not pleased about that.
5) I am starting to like dogs more (I will remain a cat person, though).
6) I wish I could spend a couple of months in Tuscany or Provence.
7) Maybe if I took some art classes I could become more creative. I feel a bit like a kindergartner when I make something.

abby try again said...

This was a great post!
Loved getting to know you better-and the bit about the bunnies resonated with ;D
Hope all is well. Thanks for bringing us such a beautiful blog.

red ticking said...

sooo darling.. and dont ever go for the botox... God made us to be exactly who we are... just love yourself and the lines will disappear... (i tell myself that)
x pam

Eliane Zimmermann said...

one thing: I earn my living by giving lectures and speeches but deep in my heart I am very shy. I love that door and I will try to post a purple door from a deep-greyish house overgrown with purple passiflowers nearby in one of those sunny days. cheers from non-rainy southwest-ireland eliane