Saturday, 15 August 2009

Can't stay down for long.

Even though mail order is giving me some difficulties at the moment. Etsy does have a great side. Meeting people. The best thing about having an Etsy shop is all the wonderful people you meet. Buyers, sellers and people who share your tastes. Someone I have met recently is Jessica Goodman from Way side Violet "a student, a coffee lover, proud corgi owner, an admirer of pretty things and a devourer of literature".

I was very happy to be asked by Jess to answer a few questions for the first interview in a series about her favourite Esty sellers. We are also having a little giveaway with the interview. so pop on over and leave a coment to win.

See more from Jess, coffee snugs (like the one above) in her Shop and day to day life at Flickr.

Thank you again Jess.


onesilentwinter said...

how wonderful! i love your new header and so glad that you are seeing the sunny part of life..when i come here i always see the sun! have a great weekend! we are off to viist our new farm!!

Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

That snug is so cute and clever!

Elizabeth Scott said...

I am a regular reader of your blog and it was here that I first learned about those delicious and beautiful Laduree macaroons. I just got back from vacation in France and, of course, stopped by their shop in Paris. I was so excited to finally try them after reading about them here. They are incredibly good-my fav is the chocolate one but I even tried a rose petal. Also-love your new banner!

The Curious Cat said...

etsy is wicked isn't it? I haven't got a shop but I love looking through all the beautiful things on there... xxx

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Super cute!!! What a perfect gift for anyone.

Lauren said...

i love that coffee snug! how sweet.

manon21 said...

toujours un plaisir pour moi de me balader sur ton blog.

Emma said...

I glad to see you have put the parcel disapearance behind you, and are off to be is a good way to let off steam!
Enjoy your workroom...and make something lovely!!


Ash said...

I love that coffee snug!! heading to her shop now!!
I wish I could knit like that!!

umama said...

This is so so true!!