Friday, 31 July 2009

a performing seal

I have loved my week, (aside from work) by day I have been decorating paper, hanging out with super cute babies, trying out a new perfume and making sure I eat my five a day. By night I have been going to the cinema, visiting the chinese state circus (people not animals) with my sister, drinking caramel milkshakes and eating with friends. Yum.

I love the way little Amelia looks at me as if to say what the hell do you think you are up to pointing that thing in my face, am I a performing seal? he he, bless her.


Gaia said...

I love the bed I see in the back in the second pic...
And that cuty face? so lovely!
Have a nice weekend!

kat said...

The decorated paper is lovely and Amelia is so cute, mmm milkshakes, kat x

sinnlighet said...

your blog is

l o v e l y

l o v e l y


l o v e l y

Agneta from Sweden

Alya said...

haha she looks angry!

by the way, I wrote about your other blog Record the Day over at The English Muse blog. I hope you like it :)

Miz.November said...

I love that paper.

Simply Mel said...

Your week sounds fabulous! Especially the milkshakes!

Danangib said...

Great week and Amelia looks so lovely !

un bel oiseau said...

Hello there!

I did a little blog post about you today.

It just might make you smile (the same way your blog makes me smile)


un bel oiseau

shishin singer said...

ahh the snow white apple!! .. some of your artwork is pretty awesome.. much of it very unique, i especially like the summer work ! :P keep going !!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a very lovely week to me! Full of lots of good things, I always love love your pictures!

Elizabeth said...

Amelia's face kills me!

Kids make the greatest faces :)