Sunday, 17 May 2009

When it rains. Eat

Popped out for a coffee this morning and started to plan and scribble on our paris guides with all the great advice we have received from everyone. I have printed out the comments you left and stapled and stuck them into my Paris Moleskine. Nice to be out of the house away from doing the dishes for a while, engulfed in a huge squishy leather couch at a local coffee shop.

Just been eating and tearing up magazines for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

After reading your post about the City Notebooks by Moleskine, I looked up the various cities offered, and found one for Montreal, one of my favorite cities. Something to add to my wishlist! Thank you for sharing these books. I just love sitting on coffee shop couches and reading and writing too.

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

You're going to LOVE Paris!!! I've visited there several time...but I want to live there. I can still taste the Latte and Croissant, the best I've ever had.

I haven't read enough of your blogs, but maybe you have been to Paris? Whether you have or not, have the time of your life!!!

Signorina Svizzera said...

How exciting to be planning for paris!!
Also, one of the most cathartic things to me is tearing up magazines...and whatever you are eating looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

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LissyLou said...


I loved the area around the Sacre Coeur. We didn't go in but there's a pretty little club called Lapin Agile that was nice to walk to.

A ride on the carasouel in Jardin des tuileries is romantic and fun.

A wonderful thing to do is go to the bridge that connects the ille de cite to ille st louis and sit and listen to the fab Wedding band. We have often seen them in the day.

carole said...

missing the fab pictures on your old 'banner' x

Dionne said...

So many people I know are going to Paris! Two of my girlfriends just left for Paris yesterday, and another one is going in a few weeks. I have serious Paris-envy.

GloamingDesigns said...

i second the mosquée de paris rosie tea suggested. i'm living in paris at the moment and it is one of my favorite places. it's just behind the jardin des plantes so after a stroll there, you could go have a thé à la menthe in the tiled courtyard café or have dinner inside. both are lovely!!! oh, and be sure to try the cakes and cookies.

also, i'm really into the brocantes and i suggest Vanves over Clingancourt - no cheap knock-off stuff - just brocante. you can pick up a copy of a brocante magazine in any newsstand, which will list all the brocantes occuring for the month. my fav is Chinambule. tacky design but all the listings are arranged by city and then weekend - very easy to use!

ok, and one more suggestion: Musée Jacquemart-André which is our favorite museum in Paris. here's their website:

red ticking said...

aaaaahhhhh paris in the springtime... or....anytime have a wonderful time!