Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Todays happy fashion fix is the spring collection from Saltwater. Pretty clothes for sunny days. Walking in fields. Sitting on the veranda. Tidying the potting shed. Reading a book. Hunting antiques. Their site has sweet inspiration pages too.

I am going to make the most of the exceptional sunshine this morning and take a walk to collect my prints from the framers. The poor lady probably thinks I've skipped town! So I should make her day a little better. Must also get some mounts cut for my photo prints so I can list them in my shop. Its looking a little bare and unloved at the moment. My to do list does include posting the lemonade recipe later too.

Back soon x

All images Saltwater


B said...

Oh, how I love Saltwater! Their catalogue is always so inspirational.
HOpe you enjoyed the sunny day!

Amy said...

I totally want to be that girl in that last photo!

kat said...

hiya j
i love saltwater and noa noa too, as i think you know ( ;
great posts, i love the styling they do, you just want to step right into the scenes don't you.
discovered how to place picture links on my blog sidebar so made a few.its addictive tho!
did one for your blog ( :
Kat x