Friday, 3 April 2009

a small fortune

Yesterday was a great day. More blossom is blooming and the sun was at its best.
I walked miles, saw lots and spent some time in the company of a few lovely shop keepers. On my travels I stopped a local framers and spent a small fortune after choosing the perfect frames for some prints I have had for ages.

Poked about in some antique shops. Discovered a new haberdashery selling tons of old ribbon, gold tassels, leather buttons. It was not unlike french general or a tiny version of Tinsel trading. I will ask the owner if I can take some pictures next visit.

I also ventured in to a dusty old coin and stamp shop and hung out with the elderly lady who ran the store. I think I will pop back with cake another day, she was so sweet and all alone in her quiet shop. I'd like to spend some more time there talking with her and looking through all the pretty stamps.

Hooray for the weekend. Be sure to enjoy yours.


Rebecca said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

Cathy said...

Lovely stamps! There are some blossom trees not far from here on a little square of park that are the most incredible trees I've ever seen. I keep meaning to take my camera and get a few snaps of them for my blog. I love this time of year! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Cathy X

mari + moi said...

how lovely ! I truly enjoy viewing your blog everyday and I look forward to reading them each day !
those stamps are from either N.Korea or very old ones before and during Japanese occupation in S.Korea.
(I am not 100%sure though! )

I love love your blogsite !

Melanie said...

lovely images. i like the cake crumbs and the stamps are beautiful!!

Pink of Perfection said...

this trio is so beautiful it's breaking my heart.

Jill said...

i don't think i've ever seen stamps that pretty in my life!

onesilentwinter said...

beautiful, love the stamps!