Sunday, 12 April 2009

New people New places

Saint Verde

Ida Home

Two beautifully inspiring new places to spend some hours . . . . evenings . . . . days.


-Smile- said...


I always wanted to make such a collage on my own. How do you make them? It is very hard to create such a pretty one. From where do you get your ideas and all the pieces from?

Lobster and swan said...

Thank you for your comment. I have collected paper scraps from magazines and all over for years.

But I did not make these, they are from the blogger Idit that is linked above.

Mine are over at

: )

jus said...

Crikey, dick...3 beautiful posts all in one day,impressive. I've been visiting for a while but haven't left a comment until now. Your blog is gorgeous, as are the invitations; they'd be perfect for my birthday party which is just around the corner. Theme, tea and cake like my Nanna used to make.

Gemma Mortlock said...

Very beautiful and very inspiring! really nice posts full of intrigue and beauty! love it

Nardeeisms said...

I love your posts (especially this one) For every reason and for no particular reason. They are so "tissue paper soft" and "girly". Thanks for making your readers smile...This one most of all. Peace and love to you...~Nards~

Kcscrystal said...

Your site is so colorful and fun to look at!! I'm new to this site, so I don't know how to add you as a friend, or become a follower or whatever it is I'm supposed to do on here... but I would love to keep checking in and see what you've done! I'm also a big fan of collages, I used to be addicted to cutting out magazine articles! I should get back into it, it's a great past time. :) Thanks for adding some color into my day!

jenny v. said...


The Object of Our Existence said...

I love the colors.

the gleam of rose tea said...

I love this post! so pretty.