Friday, 17 April 2009

Nearly forgot!

Oops nearly forgot to announce my give away winner, so before I disappear for a while. Thank you for entering and . . . .

. . . . the winner is the beautiful owner of the Etsy shop Ten things. It was her comment about mexican crepe paper flowers that finally won me over. So Ten things its you!!

Drop me a line including your address at lobsterandswan[at]yahoo[dot]com

Party sign Image from Cox and Cox


Anisa said...

hi there,
I discovered you from creature comforts, added you to my reader, and couldn't wait to get to you this morning. Your my new blog crush!
Makool Loves You

David Michael Beaupre said...

I like your blog....Great name...

Room design studio said...

congrats to the winner!
I adore your blog too!

victoria thorne said...

congratulations on your great name, your great taste, being a blog of note!

absolutely lovely lovely delights here...look forward to seeing lots more!

Womans World Magazine said...

Hi There!
I really enjoy your Blog! My name is Carly and I am looking for women who would like to possibly contribute to my magazine. I believe every woman has a very important message and feel that my magazine will be a platform for this if you or any other women you know would be interested in this please feel free to email me and I will be sure to get back to you!

Any contributions are welcome from home decor to food to fashion to stories, travel anything you feel is important to you as a woman!

Thanks and have a fabulous day!