Thursday, 2 April 2009

a good dress is best

Thanks for your comments and sharing all your lovely memories with me about your grandpa's. I loved reading each and every one.

So, the Toast outfit has been and gone straight back. Oh how I wanted it to look good. Trousers were a bizarre fit. (I was warned by a fellow blogger) and the tunic was just okay. But I am not in love so back it goes.

Elsewhere on my blog travels I caught a glimpse of the new Designers Guild collection (sorry can't remember where). Thus inspiring these two outfit combo's. You know how I love a good dress.
No weird twisted baggy seated pants in sight. : )

All items from Toast and Jigsaw.

Friday tomorrow yay!


Helen said...

Loving these colors. Wouldn't think to wear them together, but they look fantastic. I'm smitten with the hummingbird snap clutch.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

love these dress/shoe/room/color combos!

I just realized I ordered some fantastic postcards from your etsy site not too long ago.

I just added your blog to my "roll" (whatever that means) and would love to add your banner ad, if you have one, to give a little acknowledgement to you on my new "vendor listing" page.

shoot one over, if you wish to me...

Glad I found your site again...

Helen said...

Oh, and I gave you a little shout-out on my blog today :) A yippee for the fabric bunting I bought from you.

Katie said...

The green clutch is such a great find-- I love the pattern!