Wednesday, 11 March 2009

lucky 7

My internet connection is being rubbish so this is a flying visit! I have seized the day and had my fringe cut back in.

On my lunchtime travels I nipped home and discovered this great Etsy boutique Sarah seven pretty dresses and some fringe inspiration on the side!

An independent designer from Portland Oregon. She says "Old Hollywood Glamour, pearls, recycled fabrics, romance, nature, lace... are some of the things that inspire me." Me too!

And 5% of all her sales go to two of her chosen charities, a girl you will all instantly fall for I'm sure.

All images sarahseven


koralee said...

i love her too...i always go check out what she is selling on daughter wants to order her grad dress from her...she is one of our favorites!!!!

Tamzin x said...

Its crazy before I looked at your recent posts this girl walked past the shop yesterday and she had the nicest fringe.......and I thought when Emma-li does my hair I might just get me one of those! Great minds think alike ay love ya x x

sarah said...

absolute gorgeousness, i need an occassion!!

Kristin said...

Yay for the fringe! I just had mine cut yesterday also! Beautiful photos!

andrea said...

Yep. Her dresses are so inspiring!!

spilling beauty said...

she's one of my favorites!
thank you for sharing.

donna said...

Ha! I cut myself a fringe the other week inspired by a pic in Sarah Seven's etsy shop!! Love, love, love her dresses!

Amber said...

that dress on the left is faaaaaaabulous. i've seen it around on a few blogs and have been loving it!