Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Thank you all so much for all the belt comments. Although I do love the top belt, I think it is decided that the paler belt will stay. I would keep both but thats just greedy and I do after all mainly need a belt to accompany this dress.

So its getting late now and I apologise in advance, not my usual taste but I had to share the madness of this link my husband sent me, Sandy runs the ultimate grooming parlor for dogs I warn you now that this is the tamest "do"of the lot! Cindy is obviously a legend at the shows?!

Something else fun here!

Sorry if all this commotion gave any of you a headache before sleepy time!


Minna said...

Hello! I just found your blog couple days ago and I love everything! I´m from Finland and I like to do everything with my hands.
Thank you for your beautiful pictures, they really make my day!

Miz.November said...

Holy poodle fur! That is hilarious.

Tamzin said...

You made the right choice I love the paler belt best x x

michiko said...

Haha ridiculous but fun.