Friday, 13 February 2009

Fashion friday

So here is the budget version of my perfect spring outfit, a day late but hey, I've been doing crazy stuff like leaving the house and visiting friends!
Tonight I'm just trying to figure out how Apple TV works so I can watch a film, flippin technology, it always baffles me. I need that husband back asap. Besides the technical issues I do miss his shaggy bear face an awful lot. x

Anyway the clothes, Top, bag, trousers, sunglasses and shoes all Top Shop, Earrings Etsy, Necklace Laura Ashley, Jacket Boden, Headband Anthropologie and Bracelets ASOS.
Have a super weekend, maybe treat yourself to something pretty to wear. x


A Bun Can Dance said...

Have to say, I prefer the individual components of this high street outfit to the designer one! In particular I really do like that yellow jacket.... Roll on Springtime, as I'd really like to stop wearing thermals around the house!!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

ooh, I love ti my dear! You are so good at finding absolutely fabulous bags! I love it, love your style and love these entries! :)

Superbadfriend said...

Ooooh! I wish you were here to go shopping with me. Desperately in need of help in the clothing department.

I long to look chic one day.