Saturday, 28 February 2009

Everyone needs a fox as a door knocker

Breakfast. Tidy. Fall in love with my old jacket again. Country drive. Stop in Tenterden. Get spoilt by my husband. Buy fresh fish for dinner. Cooked for me by the husband. I just can't believe this guy! how lucky am I?
Relax with a cup of lemon and fresh ginger tea. Now I am on a high we might even venture out for the evening. Here's hoping you have a great Saturday evening too.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Sweet feeling

Just one little clementine left. I am trying oh so hard to get fit for summer. Gotta have good legs if they are going to be seen. I am not very good at dieting as I love all food and my sweet tooth is even more voracious! Every time we buy a net of these they slowly decay in the fruit bowl. But not this time we have managed to eat two lots.
I am also hanging on for those lighter evenings so I can go for long walks, this is my favorite way to exercise. Running-too fast. Swimming-too wet. Biking-only if it can be slowly on one of these please.
The sweet feeling of having a whole weekend to spend how I wish has filed my soul. But where will we go? I hope to capture some of it on camera and share it with you later. Have fun whatever you decide to do.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I love pancake day!

Tonight we are comfortably full from eating too many pancakes. We had rocket and feta pancakes with a home made walnut and rocket pesto. Then blueberry pancakes with sweet vanilla creme fraiche. There was so batter much left over I guess we may be having them for breakfast too!

How do you eat yours?

Monday, 23 February 2009

Seagulls and hot chocolate

Sunday was fresh orange juice before a brisk walk along the beach. Making the most of the winter breeze. Stopping on the harbor arm to watch the gulls and waves and sit and drink some hot chocolate from a flask. Picked up some bread and cheese from the local deli and went home to eat it before the dark sky threatened to open up on us. Then just stayed cosy at home until sleeping time.

Camping and caravanning

Holly's inspiring post today featuring the fabulous work of one of my all time favorite photographers Debi Treloar has inspired me to seek out the perfect spring dress and I think that Joules may just have it!
Their new Spring & Summer range is inspired "by holidaying, camping and caravanning. It’s all about packing suitcases, buying provisions, hitching up the six berth and heading for the coast." Sounds like perfection to me!
I just love this english site full of great clothes, Ideas and even tips on how to keep chickens! I Can't wait for their blog to get going.

Dresses from joules clothing Central Photo by Debi Treloar

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hello moto

Something wonderful for Saturday from photographer Aya Yamamoto. Happy weekend!

All images Aya Yamamoto

Friday, 20 February 2009

Welsh wellies

Hows your week been? I finally got around to seeing The edge of love and yep thats it, in a uniform of wellies, dresses, and cardigans (I guess I have the clothes down already, I swear I was born in the wrong era) I want to pack up and move to some ramshackle un-modernised house in the Welsh wilds. Quite a gritty story but the sets were, for me, perfection.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A husband returns

More biscuits devoured, a husband returns and there is something new in my shop. Heres hoping you all have a lovely Wednesday evening.

Spring puzzle

Another super stylish spring range, this time from Jigsaw. I can't get enough crumpled linen and cardigans or summer sandals. hooray for bare feet. I am so over wearing socks stockings and tights.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Our home. My canvas.

Is it wrong that I want to repaint the living room some kind of palest Farrow and Ball white? I love the cosy deep grey but al the other rooms are so easy to decorate and change. The grey is not a friend to photography.

Weapon of choice

I have had a joyful three day weekend. It started with the valentines dinner. Then a delicious sunday lunch with a friend. A spot of Lego building with her son and then the borrowing of a cookie press. Oh the joy, I was covered in icing sugar and sprinkles, there was enough dough for seventy two cookies!
A cinema visit proved the perfect way to end my mini vacation and share some sweet treats!

Collecting shells

Okay, I know its been a bit fashion heavy round here lately, but with a new season creeping up on us I have been getting so excited about outfit possibilities. So of course when I received my Toast spring collection alert I was off.

A cosy cardigan for breezy beach walks and the perfect basket bag to hold a collection of found shells. I am hoping to go on this walk with the husband when he gets back. Only one more day to wait.

All images Toast

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Sweet samantha of Inklore pointed out to me my email spelling boo boo earlier so if the give away winners check the last post I have corrected it now x hope to hear from you a little easier now!

Paper hearts

Preparing for a valentines dinner I am having later with friends.

I am also happy to tell you that the giveaway winners are Brittany Noel, Cafe fashionista, E Floyd, Inklore, Lissy Lou, and Sam, please email me your address's to lobsterandswan[at]yahoo[dot]com Thank you.

Happy valentines day to everyone x

Friday, 13 February 2009

Fashion friday

So here is the budget version of my perfect spring outfit, a day late but hey, I've been doing crazy stuff like leaving the house and visiting friends!
Tonight I'm just trying to figure out how Apple TV works so I can watch a film, flippin technology, it always baffles me. I need that husband back asap. Besides the technical issues I do miss his shaggy bear face an awful lot. x

Anyway the clothes, Top, bag, trousers, sunglasses and shoes all Top Shop, Earrings Etsy, Necklace Laura Ashley, Jacket Boden, Headband Anthropologie and Bracelets ASOS.
Have a super weekend, maybe treat yourself to something pretty to wear. x

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A spring in my step

Okay, so I keep hopefully peeping out of my windows for of a glimpse of spring, but its still winter and I have been wearing two outfits for about four months. Work clothes and pj's. The poor husband. He's probably forgotten what his real wife looks like? I know I have! So, inspired by the posts of my friend Melissa I have been wish list shopping over at Net-a-porter to find my recession busting perfect spring outfit.

After all those grey days a miserable news reports, I need a bit of colour and variety in my life.

Don't worry I haven't sold the husbands vital organs to pay for it, I will seek out a high street version better suited to my modest bank balance for my next post. x

Printed silk camisole FENDI, Cotton 1913 pants VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ANGLOMANIA, Cropped tweed jacket MOSCHINO CHEAP & CHIC, Amber drop earrings BOTTEGA VENETA, Skinny 'Bowhaus' hairband MARC BY MARC JACOBS, Large bowling bag MIU MIU, Bobly bead necklace BY MALENE BIRGER, Four piece bangle set GILES & BROTHER, Heloise sunglasses CHLOƉ, Kika T-bar pumps CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.

All Images and products from

Monday, 9 February 2009

Its raining, its pouring.

You may notice in my last post below, that a friend will be drawing the names. Yes the husband is off again, this time to Greece on Wednesday. Meanwhile I shall bask in the glory of our decidedly damp English winter. The streets turned into rivers today as I walked home, rain filling my shoes as I skipped over giant puddles in my heels. But I can't complain valentines day is too commercial these days and hubby has spoilt me with delicious meals all weekend. He says everyday is like valentines day with him. I'm not sure about every day?! But he is becoming a rather amazing cook. As I reach for second helpings I see a battle with my skinny jeans coming on.
As well as eating I have been stitching new garlands from old woolen fabric scraps, delicate italian biscuit wrappers and paper doilies. Not many pictures as light is still an issue. But I have a three day weekend this week so I am looking forward to making the most of some extra hours of daylight. What are your thoughts on valentines day?

something for you.

De-clutter day. I have four packs of bright colourful bits and bobs that would be perfect for craft fun with kids. There are small pieces in these though so I would suggest supervision and a watchful eye. (We did nearly have a trip to the hospital in the 80's when my 3 year old sister stuck some beads up her nose!!)
These packs in red, yellow, green and blue contain Papers, fabric scraps, beads, tags, trims and all manner of fun things for making mobiles, decorations or collages. And of course something for grown ups, two of my archive vintage embellishment packs, one in Violet/ivory and one green/amber each contains ribbons, sequins, beads, an antique postcard and more.

Just leave a comment below along with the first and second colour choice of the pack you would prefer and I will have a friend draw the names out of a vintage handbag on Saturday 14th of February, Valentines day. Good luck!

Friday, 6 February 2009

Les Senteurs

Yes I enjoyed this film very much. It was not quite as pretty or as indulgent as Marie Antoinette, but just as bitter sweet. Can't quite imagine having to put up with a husband from back then! I lucked out with mine. But I expect unfortunately, that there are quite a few Duke of Devonshire types still about.

16. My quest for that scent is still on and more fevered than ever! I have discovered via a very well timed Vogue article Les Senteurs and their great sample ordering service. I will let you know how it turns out. Maybe I'll discover a perfume fit for a duchess. Next on the list, a ludicrous wig.

Have a glorious weekend.

Corsets and chocolate

Oops missed a day, sorry! Nearly made it to 16 posts in a row. Think I'll post twice today to make up for it. But I made it out of the house, I went with a friend to our local independent cinema to see the Duchess last night. I took with me some delicious chocolates that my sister made. Splendid.

15. I am always at least five minutes late for work. Today is no exception.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Big smile

Thank you so much for all your lovely messages yesterday they warmed my heart and plumped my soul. It was so very cold outside, I just stayed home, packed and shipped all my Etsy orders and got lots of other things done, fun stuff and chores, it really is one of my favorite things, to stay at home by myself. Later, we ventured out into the frosty evening for a delicious home cooked meal with my family, my Dad really is a great cook.

Of course I am thrilled to meet up with friends or family and when I actually make the effort I have such fun. But just lately I think I may be becoming more reclusive than ever. I have to force myself out to visit people sometimes. I wonder if I am online too much? Just at home and the husband the only other face I see. I feel like I should be getting a dose of cabin fever but I am happier than ever, who needs to leave the house when there is a hoard of port and cheese? Must just be the season, I'm hoping anyway!? When we have longer sun ups and cardigan, not coat weather, I will make more trips out into civilization.

14. For my birthday amongst other things I received a beautiful cardigan from Toast, a family recipe, a pair of berry coloured suede gloves and a necklace that belonged to a close friend. (She hardly ever wore it and as I loved it so much passed it on to me.) yay! What is the sweetest thing someone has given or done for you?