Sunday, 31 August 2008

Fun things

It was misty and rainy again today. I popped out to have a coffee with my family then dashed home. I have to admit I have been pretty much couch bound for the rest of the day, waiting for Dean to get back from an event. Seeking inspiration from around the world. I found some fun things to use as wedding favors today from Spoon Sisters. Plus I'm a sucker for a cute about us story and this one is real sweet.

Table top

This Sunday I'm loving the Duck collection from Lisa Stickley London.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

* twig leaf berry fruit *

I have been wearing a scarf and coat for the last six days. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite pictures from some clever flickr folk. 1. misread, 2. Autumn's Apple, 3. Autumn Ride !, 4. Untitled, 5. autumn palet, 6. autumn is a time of harvest, 7. pantone 199, 8. One Autumn Day, 9. pantone 7409

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Good flummery!

Thank you to all who participated in my giveaway, I am sorry that I didn't have enough flags to give one to each of you : (

For the lucky, you have my hubby to thank as he did the honors ; )

So without further ado congratulations to the three winners! I wish I were a ballerina, lola enchanted and hrsj. I will message each of you so you can mail me your address's. Have a lovely Wednesday evening. I can't believe it's half way through the week already, I am very much looking forward to doing some baking at the weekend. I found a sweet little book of old English puddings in a junk shop the other day and it had some fun recipes including Black currant flummery, Tafferty tart and Exmoor in and out. Not sure which of these tasty fruity treats to try out but I have a couple of days left to dream about it. Maybe you will help me decide?

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Johnny Spice brings cheer to the fading summer

Hello all, I had a brilliant bank holiday weekend, not that you'd know about it as there is no actual evidence, I left my camera at home.

Saturday was spent in a field in Battle with friends at a Girls Aloud concert. The summer as I have said before (maybe I am a bit of a broken record on this subject?) seems to have ended, so I kept cosy with a cup of hot chocolate and a couple of sugared doughnuts until the girls were on stage then the surging crowd kept me warm. I'm not really a concert type, too much is beyond my control. I feel physically sick at the thought of going to a festival like Glastonbury, but I have to admit I had unexpected fun in amongst the carnage of plastic bottles and hundreds of people.

Sunday we went to a hog roast an the in-laws country pub then spent the evening baking brownies and watching movies. Monday a spur of the moment trip to Alfriston, a country village with shops selling all my favorite things, violet creams, pineapple and coconut ice cream, organic produce, and an added bonus of the annual village festival, where we lunched on flame cooked corn on the cobs and watched people slinging hay bales and dancing to the johnny spice swing band. We discovered a cute little music shop selling loads of old jazz cd's and vintage musicals on dvd. As if that wasn't already my perfect weekend I also found a bookshop selling these Special editions to celebrate 30 years of Virago Modern Classics.

Lastly if you haven't entered already my giveaway is still open till tomorrow. Happy Tuesday.

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Don't forget to pop over and leave a comment for My giveaway. Not going to be around for the bank holiday so closing day is tuesday and I will reveal the winners on wednesday. See you soon enjoy your weekend!

More of my dream, his dream and the truth

These stunning living arrangements are from the portfolio of
london based location agency Shootfactory. Found via Danielle of The style files.
As I've said before, I'm letting go of some of my girly inclinations. Trying anyway. Don't worry its for my own good, this blog is where I can let loose with all the vintage china and flowery love safely without my husband getting dragged into his living hell. Bless him. Although I think I really am turning over a new leaf. I adore this first interior, but, I don't think I could live here. A bit too frilly. I think I am actually liking the next one more. Am I cured? He has put up with a lot over the years. Never complaining when he has had to sweep the flower garlands out of the way so he can have a shower. Drinking out of polka dot bone china. His bedside lamp changing daily when I used to work for a lighting retailer.
I think to counter balance the first eight years of our time together he would like a house something similar to this one above. Dark and sultry with some leather, wood and slate, should do it for him. I'm just happy I get something new to design. The truth I think is that our dream is now the same. I guess we'll buy somewhere a bit ratty and rundown and we won't have the help we had last time so it will be a slower process than our current apartment. But if when we are in the process it could look anything similar to this peeling glory, I know I'll be happy.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fire wood and cable knit socks

There's no stopping me now, sorry to all you summer people trying to keep the dream alive, but I'm in full Fall swing. Due to being sat in the firing line of the the air con and one of my colleagues locking my coat in a secure area today. I got super chilled waiting on the breezy platform for my train. So when I got in, I donned my cashmere cardigan and my chunky cable knit socks, grabbed my laptop and began my search for cosy home accessories. A log basket is a must, we don't have an open fire, but we do have an empty fire place that needs filling with some kind of warming feature. Plus here are all the other Fall items that I covet. (so far)

1. Tobacco brown striped cushion
2. woven log basket
3. Lavender Cushion
4. Cashmere Blanket
5. Suri Alpaca Throw
6. Lavender Cushion

More lovely stuff here too!

All images Brora, Lombok, Papa stour, Peruvian connection,

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

For your home?

Inspired by my favorite, no, hang on a minute everyones favorite Uncle, and to say thanks for reading my blog and for all your lovely comments/thoughts. I'm going to do my first give away. During the major tidying of my creative space I found these flags that I made a while ago.
So if anyone out there would like one of these baby's hanging up in their house somewhere or to give to a friend. Leave a comment on this post and I will put all the names in a hat and get the husband to pick out three.
I know I have a vintage bowler somewhere in the bottom of my wardrobe. You just never know when you might need to dress up as Sally Bowles or one of Laurel and Hardy? Do I detect smirking? Don't doubt it, I assure you its possible, my family members used to mock me when I was a helpless baby unable to defend myself for my resemblance to stan Laurel, though naturally I would prefer to think of myself as the star of Cabaret.

Oops almost forgot a closing date how about this Tuesday evening 26/08/08? I'll post the winners on Wednesday. Night Night.

Monday, 18 August 2008

The third

Nothing for ages then three come along at once. Pretty pictures of Katie lee joel's New York town house by Paul Costello for Domino.

My Toast

Back again (see below) with my dream capsule collection from the new Toast catalogue x x x

Autumn winds and other stories

I know I have not been around so much this last week, but another first day at new job today. I have been mentally preparing (or ignoring and hiding from the fact until this very morning at seven AM!) Don't know why I do that? I seem to remember telling you this last time. I guess there's no point getting worked up with ifs this and ifs that though.

Anyway had a fun weekend. Saturday we saw loads of our friends. Bar hopped a little. Sunday we remembered that its much safer to stay indoors. Baked a delicious cottage pie and set up camp on the couch to eat it. Bliss.

So, the pictures. All from the new Toast catalogue called Autumn winds and other stories. Just what I love to find on my doormat when I get in from work. Now I will wait with anticipation for the home catalogue to accompany it and plan my Autumn everything. Bring on the log fires.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Durham Township

Carrying on my love for Autumn. Sunny or not too little too late, I'm over summer. Whilst visiting Moontree letterpress this morning. I discovered the link for these beautiful photos. Crisp leaves under foot and a big bowl of stew would perfectly compliment these heartwarming pictures from this project by kathleen Connally. It documents the residents, visitors, plants, animals, architecture, landscapes and farm life of Durham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania where Kathleen lives. I think I would like to try a project like this about east sussex. Photography is a tidier form of creativity which I am keen to better myself at. Less glue and pins to get stuck in my husband bare feet if he braves the house without footwear.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Vintage buffet

Remember when food looked this good? Me either! I just love vintage cookery books. Found this one in a local antique store. Those little prawn stuffed tomatoes look so cheerful. Maybe a little weird but definitely cheerful. I wont be reconstructing them. But I'm thinking the domino biscuits. Happy tuesday.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Some rain can be good

Saturday was perfect sunshine when we left home. Arrive at destination, heavens open up. So, just like Granny used to, we enjoyed our scones and tea in the car until the rain stopped long enough for us to brave a walk along the Whitstable beach front, look in all the pretty shops and visit the farmers market.
Wheelers only seats fourteen people and they were all sat. More rain, so we grabbed some papers and went to Samphire for lunch. Very nice too. I love being cosy in a warm restaurant when its raining outside. Time to leave. Quick stop in Canterbury. Pop in to see in-laws. Home.

Sunday was sunny, but of course if you don't need to go anywhere why shouldn't it be? Baked some pistachio and rose cupcakes. Super sweet and yummy. I do love to spend my Sundays indoors. Starting my new job has been delayed and as today looks a little grey again, I think I will attempt to complete the cushion covers that are laying all over the living room floor in pieces. Might even get to show you them before Autumn?!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Estate sale

I'm pairing down my craft supplies again, one day our spare room will be fit to house a person. Poor mummy and little sister having to camp on the lounge floor when they visit!

I have been collecting vintage and new craft supplies for years, hoarding them up and not wanting to use them, though some items do inspire my idea boards. So I have grouped the best bits together into inspiring collections ready to sell. Hopefully they will inspire someone who isn't afraid to cut them up and make beautiful things with them.

Or like me you could take them out of the box and then rearrange them back into the box, tuck them away for a rainy day and so on and so on. I have always wanted my own haberdashery and now thanks to Etsy I have one.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Sea breeze and cream tea

I have barely set one foot on the beach yet this year even though I live only two streets away from the seaside. But it has been a weird summer hot, brooding and stormy, which I like but I like from indoors. A perfect weekend for me would be setting up camp in a shabby beach hut. Picnic, cream, jam, scones, flask of hot chocolate, tin mugs to drink it out of. Yum.
If the sun decides to shine this saturday the husband and I will go to whitstable for the day. Hope we can get a table at Wheelers oyster bar. Must pop in to Frank too.
How would you spend your perfect weekend? If it does include a picnic, find inspiration here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


We would have liked to explore some areas of Brooklyn when we were in NYC earlier this year but its hard to know where to start when you don't know your way around. I will research better for next time. Lucky for us I have a head start with the links I have found through blogging. Popped in to A cup of Jo earlier and followed Joanna's advice and the link to refinery29 then discovered some guides to pretty places including Saipua in Redhook. I'll just say it, I want everything including the actual store. They have the cutest "open" sign. How will my life be complete without these beautifully wrapped soaps? Hope I'm not sounding shallow? It't just that I am a complete sucker for packaging (but I'm sure you gathered this way back!) There's a blog too and we won't even get started on the bouquets. See the rest of the guide to the Redhook area here and even more guides here I just want to spend my time roaming around discovering places, maybe drinking some coffee and seeking out a few slices of good cake. Why can't this be my new job?

All images Saipua

Jennifer Morris Beads

I have been awestruck over the exquisite work of Jennifer morris beads's for some time now, in fact I think Jennifer's shop was one of my first ever Etsy stops.

I have a friend with a birthday I recently missed (due to all my career upheaval etc) Who I know would adore these mini masterpieces as much as I do. So B watch out for a special little something. Now the hard part of deciding which to buy? How to choose just one? This is going to be difficult.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Pretty stitches

Perusing the submissions in my flicker groups this morning and in the Text stitch and paint group I found something new to love, these amazing needle cases.
Made from vintage envelopes that have been collaged with found ephemera, copied onto linen then embroidered with pretty stitches and vintage buttons. They are made by Hens teeth art and are for sale over at Etsy. Follow more of this lovely work and process at the Hens teeth art Blog and Flickr page. Hope you are all enjoying this new week. My last couple of days in the bar and off to start another new proper job on Monday.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Less is more

Investigating another great link from Ez over at creature comforts. I found my new "I'm bored of growing my hair just cut it off into this" hairstyle. Just two of the many treasures in the glorious portfolio of Brigitte Sire.