Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sugar clouds

Searching for marshmallow recipes today I stumbled across these gems. So beautiful, the colour of them and the dish combined is just perfect. I am crazy jealous of all the baking equipment and icing tools this girl has. Cake on the brain is so full on, check out her latest (epic!) project, It took four posts to document. A little someone is going to have a very special birthday! And it doesn't end there! I also think I caught a glimpse of some marshmallow fluff-filled bittersweet ganache-dipped chocolate madeleines. I'd be sure to investigate further if I was you!

All images from Cake on the brain

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

rosy cheeks

Nearly the last day of july and with summer strawberries in mind I made this mood board this morning.
It has been so hot here, blistering sun, electrical storms, torrential rain. At night I am one of those who has to have a duvet, I can't sleep under just a sheet, so I lay half in half out of bed. The husband is away with work until friday and just as well, best to sleep alone on nights like this. He is like the human torch on a cool day, combine additional summer heat a dash of stress, inexcusable fidgeting and it can only lead in one direction. An eviction to the couch. This way we both get our own beds and hopefully the heat wave will have passed by the time he arrives back into my arms on friday evening.

Monday, 28 July 2008

I get the sniffles

Not allowed a pet. I'm allergic to anything with fur, feathers, hair, claws. But if I did have a pet and that pet was a cat? I would be sure to make that cats day with some cute catnip mice from this fabulous shop ERNST & THISTLE They also sell great human treats too!
Found via poppytalk : )

Sunday, 27 July 2008


More crochet flowers to love. This time from Wren Handmade.

forget me not

Sunday secret. Beautiful hand crochet flowers by Suili.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

something good something free

My morning-I don't normally find things I like in super cheap throw away fashion chain stores but If you dig deep you can sometimes find pieces that will stand the test of time and all these for under £5 who could say no?
My afternoon-flicking channels I caught this cute film. Hope you are having a good saturday too.

Jars and Jute

Record the day

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Over ambitious

To think I wouldn't blog for a week. Not hungy or tired from lack of food just bored, Never realised how much I enjoy the act of eating. So in my zesty detoxed state I had to post about this mornings Etsy discovery, the work of Erin Zamrzla. I just adore these tiny tag collages. Not to mention her amazing book binding antics!

Investigate more at Erin's Shop Blog Flickr

All images Erin Zamrzla

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I'm doing some wild detox program over the next week so my posting may be a little sparse. I'm feeling quite tired in the evenings but strangely inspired in the mornings, so I will be posting over here again.

Monday, 21 July 2008

You'll be getting no more coffee made by me.

Craving a fashion fix this morning, our summer has been a joke so I'm happily planning my winter wardrobe. I got another new job and even though I am sad that I won't be spending my days with my friend Wayne at the bar I've been working in, I won't be sad to say farewell to all the people who are too good to even mutter a please or thank you. Some days I leave that place feeling like Cinderella. See ya mop. See ya fine misting of hot frothed milk.

I can't wait to have another wardrobe purge. Now I can give all my coffee making outfits to charity, and invest in a few things to complete my new capsule style wardrobe. I'm going to put all my clothes into outfits and just get rid of the random items that don't go. Maybe I'll Ebay the good stuff. Maybe I'll do a post called what were you thinking! Sometimes when I go shopping I get swept away with the vision of a situation that requires certain clothes even if I may never be in said situation. These are the pitfalls of a fabulous imagination. But I did pull off peruvian goat herder chic quite well. So it's not all bad.

Anyway, I have been seeking my inspiration from my two favorite Fall 2008 collections Michael Kors and Marni. I love the Marni (below) colour-ways and the vintage style and cut of the Michael Kors collection (above)

For more Autumn fashion inspiration there are tons more runway shows Over here at Elle Have fun.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Village life

This weekend. Weddings attended-1. Drinks drunk-too many. Useful things you need when you stay out overnight like toothbrushes etc, left at home-all. Hangovers overcome-2. (one each) Beautiful English villages we drove through and decide to live in-4 After a hectic Saturday stitching some bunting is making my sunday a happy one, Lord knows I am a slow worker but I'm getting ready to restock my Etsy shop one day soon!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Static vacations.

Deer sweet Cathy over at Pink green has given me a "brilliant weblog" award, if you don't know her already pop over and see what fun Cathy is having with her beautiful family, allotment and home. Thank you Cathy.

So on a similar path these are the places that lately are making me feel Cheered - soothed - inspired - nourished - smiling - intrigued - yearning for Europe - homely

Friday already and I'm feeling smug as I slaved over two dinners last night so I could have a "curry friday" with no cooking. Plus it's always best to let the spices deepen over night, nice lazy evening for me.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Must do

My paint water this morning looked like a cocktail. Thank you Tamzin for my new notebook for my "lists" Just writing lists helps my memory a little bit, sometimes I actually do the things on the lists sometimes they just float around in the linings of my various handbags or on the surfaces in our house and annoy the husband. Now they will drift no more secured in their new parisian home. Thank you my sweet sister. x

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

little people

Some folk I saw on my morning walk yesterday.

Monday, 14 July 2008


How is it that the longer we are together the more we dress the same. Are we slowly morphing into one being? It all started when we cracked open the Farrow & Ball now it seems we are dressed to match our paint choices and each other. The couple in grey.

Design directory

Time is running out quickly, and I have to get ready for work so I will have to wait until I get home later to search Creature Comforts beautiful Blog directory I love the little collages that Ez creates to represent each blog.


Woke at 7 and don't have to be at work until 11.30 today so I went out early for a walk over the west hill and through the Oldtown. Taking in the beautiful gardens and houses on my favorite route. There are hydrangeas bursting into bloom everywhere I just love all the colour variations. I think they will be top of my list of plants to buy for our garden when we have one.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

sunday celebrations

Stunning Sunday (or any day!) celebrations bought to you by the very talented Beth of Haru over at Etsy

See more on Beth's Flickr page.

All images Haru.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Wading through inspiration

So the husband should take note and see how bad my studio could look. Yes I'm the less methodical, more mad professor kind. Sometimes making and dwelling in this much mess is the only way I can create. If only I could be as productive as the owner of this studio Mara Sprafkin. Mara's work is wonderful.
Link found via Chelsea via Linda and Harriett

Image by Mara Sprafkin.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Blonde ambition

Super amazing photography by Natasja Fourie

Monday, 7 July 2008

cosy to crisp

Our bedroom is done. Saturday was painting, stroll to the Oldtown for a refreshment break. Paint again. Make some strawberry ice cream. Paint again (damn that grey paint) camp out in the lounge over night while the fumes dispersed. Sunday was spent rearranging everything, gathering a few more "manish" pieces of furniture from around the house, the husband has been girled out over the years and as my taste has slowly evolved too we are trying a more masculine style. Well thats the theory, I am a girl and my possessions seem to confirm this. Hence the dusting of sequins and fairy lights.
We found this old G-plan side board out on our street with a "please take" sign stuck on it and we have swapped the two white painted chests of drawers for darker wood ones. Now it feels like a completely new room. I made up these new bedside lights with bits and pieces from the lighting shop that I used to work in. I also scrambled to put the banner over the bed while the husband brushed his teeth in the bathroom. Couldn't resist a bit of flair.

How was your weekend?

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday bliss

Sunday bliss is a few minutes spent looking at Emma Cassi's home. Featured over at the Bloesem Kids blog.

All images Emma Cassi.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Strawberries and cream

Everything in my kitchen is red and white this evening.

His white My white

The weekend is here again, and so as not to miss too much of it, the bedroom decorating will begin tonight. I found so much bedroom inspiration on the Living Etc site. I love the just moved in style of the image on the right and this idea of a glass inspiration wall on the left. I hate to pin or tack things on my walls as both leave marks but this glass board can be tacked and re-tacked with an ever changing collage. I might use one of my big mirrors in this way?
Above are my two favorite bedrooms light, dreamy, maybe a bit too girly? For the husband I think these two pictures below are more his taste. Anyway we are on a budget so we will have to work with the accessories we already have. I will try to accommodate both our tastes and see you sunday evening with the results. I hope. Have a great weekend!

Images from

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Quiet chic

Another fabulous house tour over at Apartment therapy today. Pete and Sandy's minimalist farm house. Renovated with nature, peace, love, and understanding and inspired by Le Corbusier, Giacometti and Scarpa. They say their style is a mix of country, classic, modern, minimalist, cozy, and quiet chic. What perfect words to describe this beautiful home. I love the colours used and the light in the bedrooms.

All Images by Wes and Kayla for Apartment therapy house tours.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Staying on the wagon

Mid week greetings! Well, one month on and I was quite good I only bought two glossies in June, Living etc which duped me as it was in a cellophane wrap (like a kids surprise bag these ones always get me because I just have to know what's inside) once opened it was a great disappointment. The second was Country Living which had a country weddings feature that was also a bit of a let down. I Hope I can be this good for another month my purse and the recycling unit are both very happy.
Anyway thanks to Southern flair blog I found this great link to loads of vintage magazine covers. All my favorites are there in all their nostalgic glory. I just love the more abstract fifties and sixties ones.

All images Conde nast store