Monday, 30 June 2008


Another one of my installments from World of Interiors magazine . You will all have to humor me on these as I have always kept these torn pages in a box for myself and now I have others to share them with. I hope you like them? I always enjoy reading the tales that accompany the images in WOI (even if a particular interior isn't to my taste). This particular article is about the fishermen of Torre d'Aires in southern Portugal. They build these seaside shacks from salvaged items found along the local shoreline and live in this little makeshift community during the fishing seasons. If you click on the images the words should be large enough to read.

This simple story really made me smile, when I was a child I spent many weekends happily building temporary camps and little houses from the old wood and salvage that my dad had stored at the end of our garden and allotment.

In this article Pictures by Solvi dos Santos and words by Mario de Castro for WOI

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Shaken, stirred and on the rocks please.

Amazing mail day today. A wedding gift for us arrived from the fabulous Paul Lowe. A beautiful book that Paul along with two of his photographer friends has recently published. I am loving the coffee and hot drink section. The husband and I can't wait to get in the kitchen and make me some treats from this. Thank you Paul.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Tom and Andrea

Beautiful new ceramics at Papa Stour by Tom and Andrea.

A perfect evening

Monday evening the husband took me out into the wild and cooked me dinner. No people. No television. No internet. No phones. It was so calming and restful. Rabbits, birds, sound of the distant tide on the beach, sunset. A perfect evening. Thank you D.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Kind embrace

Tuesdays smile was made by the new items in the Two Trees shop owned by Shanna Murray over on Etsy. These little bears are such a joy. All embroidered and stitched by Shanna's fair hand, each one is stuffed with real sheep's wool and wears a little hand knitted scarf. They also carry a linen heart in their front pockets on which you can write a special message. How adorable is that? I love this quote from Shana's profile.
"I believe in simplicity. In living a deliberate life that is fill of purpose, kindness, growth and love for the earth and each other. I want to encourage a thoughtful and kind embrace of the world we live in."

Found via Smosch and Freshly Blended

All images and quotes Shanna Murray.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Dizzy rascal

I have met so many lovely and talented people lately that I got in a bit of a mix up earlier, two posts melded into one and I made a mistake with some photo's (I have now amended it sorry Alicia!) These beautiful pictures are by Alicia Lynn Carrier, who is also one of the contributors of the yummy food blog bread-and-honey blog.
Go see the rest of Alicia's portfolio or pop over to bread-and-honey now to see what Alicia and Summer are cooking!

Al images Alicia Lynn Carrier.

Ballroom dancing

Feeling very inspired this morning by these beautiful photos by Laura Helms. I discovered Laura's work over at her blog after she left a sweet comment for me here. With all these calming images in mind we have decided to repaint our bedroom. I love the colour we have now but I am looking forward to a bright, fresh summer room instead of the warm cosy winter one. I just knew we couldn't go for too long without rekindling our passion for DIY. Anyway less of me and back to Laura. There is a section on Laura's site called Action with lovely shots of people ballroom dancing, I always wanted to go but could never find a partner, Somehow the husbands fascination with humorous robotics doesn't quite fit the bill. I love the feather trim dresses, sparkle, I could go on all day. But I won't, I'll be good and get ready for work. Enjoy your monday.

All images Laura Helms photography.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Dodging yorkshire's

Saturday was baking mayhem a few mistakes due to my lack of preparation or research and a lot of stress, but I made it through and the taster evening was a success (maybe it was all the fruit and champagne cocktails we consumed?)
Sunday we lunched with the family and hung out with the (devilish but cute) niece and nephew, spending my meal time on the edge of my seat incase a yorkshire pudding got launched in my direction, further confirming the right decision not to have a family yet!
Now enjoying a quiet evening at home drinking a homemade iced amaretto latte and eating some cake that didn't make it to last nights party. I neglected to read to the end of the recipe where it said refrigerate overnight. Oh well we will just have to munch our way through it this week. How was your weekend?

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Square meal

All my friends are having babies, I'm torn. We need a few more holidays before we even consider it. Maybe we will be like carrie and big and have a cupboard of shoes instead. The husband is almost there with a closet full of barely worn skate shoes, he's got Adidas etc coming out of his ears! Maybe we won't have any children. It feels a bit expected, I can't keep count of how many people have said "oh a baby next" But we only just got married!
For the moment I'm happy to be a fabulous auntie to all these mischievous little devils. They can wear my jewelry and dress up in my clothes, enjoy my home bakes cakes and then return to their rightful owners. Kids on loan and a tranquil intact home at the end of the day sounds like a better way to me. I will still be able to afford to eat a square meal every day and heat my apartment!

Monday, 16 June 2008

cinderella story

I have been browsing through my Rachel Ashwell interiors book over the weekend looking for inspiration on how to decorate for the taster evening that my sister and I are going to hold this saturday. I love the girlishness of all these pink details. As there are no men invited it doesn't matter if the pink is overwhelming!
The crumpled linen table cloth and pretty tea cups and glasses used here would be ordinary on their own but pulled together in this way they are fit for a princess. My imagination is running riot now imagining tiny birds, mice and squirrels preparing a magical feast while I just rest my eyes for a minute and catch forty winks.

Images from Rachel Ashwell and Walt Disney.

Friday, 13 June 2008

My heart wanders

Last post for today I promise! A big thank you to Pia for displaying my-my heart wanders entry on her blog. Click this Link and read the about the lovely start to Pia had to her day.


Beautiful rooms from the home of blonde redhead featured over at Domino found via Montmartre's sketchbook.

Caramel wafer

So this is how I've spent my last few horizontal days. Eating Tunnocks caramel wafer bars and reading recipe books. Beneficial to my homemaking skills once I can get about again, good for my blog as I've had my days free to peruse the net and seek inspiration. Not so much for the waistline or bank balance in the way of work days missed. Guess I'll be on Ebay at the weekend selling my possessions to make up the wages!

Embroidered shoes

This little gang should have gone in the last post but discovered too late and well worthy of a post all their own here they are. Made by mixed media artist Cathy Cullis of November Moon. Could they be a school teacher and class on an outing? Knitted hair and embroidered shoes are but a couple of the beautiful handmade details on these lovely dolls. Find out more about Cathy and her other work over at the November Moon blog here.

Images Cathy cullis

Inner child at large

A new season and a new batch of fairies from The magpie and the wardrobe. I just adore these pretty little ladies. The way they look like they have stitched together outfits from vintage fabric and lace scraps stolen from an unsuspecting grown ups sewing basket. Like borrowers inspired by Marie antoinette. I saw one of these in real life a few years ago in a display box at Liberty's and she was so magical I just wanted to smash the glass and stuff the poor dolly in my pocket! Obviously my honest side would not allow such a thing but I may be tempted to make a doll inspired by these for myself. Moving on, I have also found some more smiley summer folk by Julie Arkell over at Frank and this super cute Maileg mouse house from Tree house Blue it comes with the teeniest crocheted welcome mat and a match box for a bed, oh if only life was this simple. Then if you are feeling peckish after all the play, get a glorious sugar rush from some of these nostalgic sweetie collections from hope and greenwood at Pedlars. Even though I have no children of my own, it seems my inner child is still very much at large.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Well I got my internet fixed today. But something as simple as stooping to reach for a mascara this morning and I have thrown my back out. So not much to be done from the discomfort of my living room floor. But my lovely friend Becky came to be my baby sitter today, thanks beck's, bringing with her the gorgeous 8 week old Amelia. Amelia as it turns out is the perfect visitor as she spent the day laying on the floor too so I didn't feel silly. Off to take some crazy strong painkillers now and try to sleep. Hope to be back properly soon.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Fillings and toppings

My internet connection has died. Rubbish. I am currently only able to post or check my e-mails at a friends house. Luckily this is just round the corner. Double luckily the husband is back tonight and he can fix the wireless-less-ness! I hate technology sometimes. (mostly actually) But at least I have been a bit more creative due to the lack of online action. Making invitations for a cupcake taster evening for a few friends of mine and Tamzins. Gotta think of some good fillings and toppings pronto.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Sometimes Bold

Another fashion fascination of mine. Chloƫ Sevigny sometimes amazing. Sometimes understated. Sometimes bold. Sometimes brave. Sometimes wrong. Always interesting. Honey hair. Long legs. Not especially beautiful but she's just that little bit cool. I just find her very fascinating. A Carrie Bradshaw for a younger generation.

Fashion frenzy

I laughed, I cried, I love love loved it x x x

Sunday, 1 June 2008


Another happy by-product of my recent paper shuffling. Sorted, shredded, assembled, inspiration boards for a new long term project I am working on with my lovely sister.

Sorting through a two and a half ft tall pile (and I just found a few more oops) really does hammer home the extent of my magazine addiction. Since I have been unsatisfied in my working life, a kind of escapism I guess. I just seem to buy nearly every interiors glossy that hits the stands. Even though after awhile you find its a lot of the same homes used by each different publisher. With all the blogs I read I think nows the time to quit the glossy fetish and start giving a few trees a chance, and maybe my wallet can breath a sigh of relief also.