Monday, 27 October 2008

Pie bird

Saturday morning I went to Battle for a cream tea with my friend Jemma and I couldn't resist buying this pie bird and Cath Kidston tea towel with a vintage skier and log cabin print. A little bit of festive cheer never hurt anyone.

In the afternoon the husband and I also managed to survive a visit to Ikea. I was joking with another friend about the fact that Ikea can be a dangerous place, and he rightly said " it is a breeding ground for domestic disputes." But no bickering and a quick stop at Wagamama for dinner ended a lovely day with no one being grumpy. Horay.

Sunday. Grey. Drizzle. Lets stay in. Coffee. Slippers. Thick jumpers. Blankets.


Brittany Noel said...

Mmmm Ikea.

I wish my Sunday could've been like that! The weather was, but my amount of time to relax was not. I'm glad you got some comfort time in!

Uncle Beefy said...

Sounds like quite a delightful day! The pie bird is as sweet as one would expect but I am seriously loving on the pink-striped bag and rose know, in a brutish/manly sort of way! ;)

Laura said...

Yes ikea is indeed a dangerous place. It escapes me how I get to the check out to find I have spent an absolute fortune when all I think I have bought is some tea lights and place mats! How does it happen? well done for navigating it without incurring an argument.

Maria Rose said...

Oh no Ikea. They are opening up a store in my area...I fear the worst. I can barely control myself online.

all over the map said...

i found your record the day via decor8 but had seen some of your etsy lovlies at another blog called simplesong.
and i do have a crush. i've been completely taken in by all you put together. it's just so visually pleasing to me and i can't seem to stop staring.
i'm even going to write a post about how much i'm crushing/gushing because i just have to spread the joy. hope that's ok? (with proper attribution & credit of course).

Sarah McColl said...

love love love that tea towel!

Simone said... lovely. Did not have any since moving back from London to Munich. No clotted cream here :(

Kristy said...

ooh I really want a couple of those skier tea-towels! They are perfect for Christmas. Are they only in-store as I can't find them on the website?

Lobster and swan said...

hi Kristy yep they are on : )

Get some! get some! aren't they fabulous? I have mine out all the time I am not ashamed to get festive before December!

Kristy said...

Just after I left my comment my Christmas CK supplement came through the door! I am so going to order some.