Friday, 17 October 2008

the first snowflake

A little morning sun and sparkle on my first snowflake. It glitters so much more in real life. Too hard to capture in the few seconds spare I had before my bakery dash on the way to work. Princess bun for breakfast. Yum.

Resting up this evening with my sister before the big Saturday evening tidy. The Husband arrives home from his week in Taiwan. Fresh sheets and scented candles will finish the transformation from single gal crash pad to cosy home for two.


manon said...

Que c'est beautiful!!!!
Manon france

sofia barĂ£o said...

I did the same yesterday, candles and all for the return-of-end-of-week of the husband :)

Love that snowflake, crossing my fingers that I get to see some real ones this winter here. Love that garland.

heather smith jones said...

you're such a romantic jess. :)
i should take a lesson from you!

Katherine said...

Love the snowflake - I think I need a bit of sparkle in my life right now. Princess bun? What's that?!