Friday, 10 October 2008

Dinner and a dress

Autumnal sweetness from Reyart

Tired, stressed. Friday has been tough and I still have to survive tomorrow yet, but I'm still smiling. I just have to make it through another eight hours tomorrow. Then onward to Sunday-to London-to one stop shop Selfridges. I feel a slight credit card bashing coming on. Just a little one. I need a dress for an award ceremony. Its so exciting my husband and the company he and his friends run is up for an award. Top ten start up businesses in the country! Black tie dinner at the Dorchester. Horray. Will be back soon, possibly a little poorer.

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heather smith jones said...

hooray for your husband! That's so exciting! I'm sure he's worked so hard and that he's thrilled at this nomination!
can't wait to see what dress you acquire!