Friday, 31 October 2008

A few hours of day light

Making the most of the daylight while we still have some. Now its dark after work I have to take photos in the early morning sun, of which there was plenty today. I have been putting together the decorations for the place settings and sewing bunting for my wedding table that will be featured Once wed.
The major spending glass wear, plates, cutlery is done now and the budget is getting dangerously close to the end! But no need to panic yet as lots of the things I would like to use will be hand made with a few vintage things thrown in for good measure, It's so much fun can't I do this all the time? Wishing you all a good weekend and hope you can fit lots of fun things to do in the next two days.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Pie bird

Saturday morning I went to Battle for a cream tea with my friend Jemma and I couldn't resist buying this pie bird and Cath Kidston tea towel with a vintage skier and log cabin print. A little bit of festive cheer never hurt anyone.

In the afternoon the husband and I also managed to survive a visit to Ikea. I was joking with another friend about the fact that Ikea can be a dangerous place, and he rightly said " it is a breeding ground for domestic disputes." But no bickering and a quick stop at Wagamama for dinner ended a lovely day with no one being grumpy. Horay.

Sunday. Grey. Drizzle. Lets stay in. Coffee. Slippers. Thick jumpers. Blankets.

Friday, 24 October 2008

weekend blues

Another place to get lost

The portfolio of my newest Flickr contact Anne Naumann. I suggest you grab a few quiet minutes in a favorite corner of your home to be all alone, look and dream.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The way I create

So this is the thing. My initial idea was in my head. Then I became involved with the paper. The magazines. The scraps and samples. Its like I get possessed. Some what like the painter from the TV show Heroes. You know the one? Well anyway after I came to and stepped away from the paper shreds around me, these were the colours that emerged. So sorry about me and my mad professor ways. Hope you can keep up! The foundations of my wedding table design are set. These are they.

Monday, 20 October 2008


Walk Collect Dinner Dessert

Sunday, 19 October 2008


Happy sunday to you. I know a few kind bloggers have been posting about my Estate sale boxes and I thank them for being so sweet. I also thank them for finding the boxes new homes, as there is no doubt that all the coverage has increased sales. If you were one of the purchasers I thought I would tell a little more on the boxes history.

All the items are a mixture of vintage and new haberdashery that I have collected over the last 10 years. From craft shows, craft shops, foreign travel (paris, prague,USA), antique stores some bits I inherited from my great grandmothers and great aunts sewing boxes. All I have treasured with such a passion I didn't know how to finally decide what to use them for.

I have always dreamed of owning my own haberdashery where I could help others choose the perfect things for their projects. So when I discovered Etsy I knew I just had to share. It makes me so happy to know a box of my treasures has made someone else's day, and that with fresh new eyes and vision they will create what I couldn't.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

I love layers.

Cristina from Sartoria Vico a small italian fashion brand and online shop based in Milan, sent me an email the other day and as I wait for the arrival of Dean I thought I'd tell you all about it. Super cute Knits. Cosy and slouchy and available in lots of cool colours. Perfect wardrobe additions to for the months ahead.

rocky road

Dark evenings and jittery creatures do not make for a good photo shoot but I gave it go. These little guys have been my friends for two weeks. I have loved giving them treats. The little dude at the end lives in the pent house up top the guineas. This hamster thought all his christmases had come at once when I snuck him a couple of macadamia nuts that were left over from making rocky road ice cream.

Friday, 17 October 2008

the first snowflake

A little morning sun and sparkle on my first snowflake. It glitters so much more in real life. Too hard to capture in the few seconds spare I had before my bakery dash on the way to work. Princess bun for breakfast. Yum.

Resting up this evening with my sister before the big Saturday evening tidy. The Husband arrives home from his week in Taiwan. Fresh sheets and scented candles will finish the transformation from single gal crash pad to cosy home for two.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Table trends

So heres the scoop. I had an amazing invitation from Emily of Once wed to design a wedding table for her "Table Trends" series. Of course I nearly bit her hand off to accept. Thank you so much Emily.

Planned on a budget of $200-$250 using easily accessible supplies. I will hand make some pieces to save money and may use some vintage elements, not too many though as I appreciate not everyone feels the need to trawl flea markets and antique stores. But hey one day maybe people will employ me to do the leg work for them?

My first Wintery thoughts are for Lots of White accented with Gold leaf. Rich winter fruits. Foil wrapped sweets. But don't let me give it all away so soon. I will be making some more collage boards as soon as I get back home to my avalanche of magazines and paper. The magazine fast is officially over. (Well, it is nearing christmas and I just can't resist all those festive front covers).

The inspiration board you see here is a collection of images from these wonderful designers Emma Cassi, Sweet Paul and Colin Cooke, Caroline Roehm, and Martha Stewart.

I also love the idea of these snow topped cupcakes from Cannelle et Vanille too. If you'll join me I'll keep you posted of my progress each step of the way.

Ps. These guinea pigs are better company than you would think, every time I go to leave the room they are hanging on the bars to see where I'm going. Bless em. Yes they live in Emma-li's lounge!

two guineas

Well what a week! I have met so many lovely new people and for all the new visitors who have left comments I am very grateful it is so nice to talk with you in the comments section and click across to see how you spend your days too. I am currently guinea pig sitting for a friend. I bet you never imagined my life was this glamourous!
I actually have grown to quite like their squeaking company (Not so keen about trying to catch them on clean out days) but as I have never really had a pet of my own (allergic to all fur/feathers) its fun taking care of them. Surely the image of me trying to catch them wearing oven gloves is enough to make you smile on this drab Wednesday.

So anyway I am going somewhere with this, for those who have made purchases from my Etsy store I will resume shipping on Monday the 20th and be adding new items very soon after that.

I have other news too as I said earlier but it will have to wait until tonight when I have more time to dedicate. As always I am late for work so I better be off.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Thanks Holly

This day just keeps getting better. A sweet blogger friend told me that my other blog Record the day was featured today on decor8. So I rushed on over and how right she was.
Decor8 was one of the first blogs I ever read and I have been awe inspired by Holly's dedication to talking about art, craft, design and interior details plus all the while promoting small independent businesses and other bloggers. How she fits all this in whilst living in two different countries and making two beautiful homes I will never know. so a massive thanks Holly for posting about my daily collages.

I have had such a great Monday that I wonder if I'll ever get to sleep? and I have more exciting news to tell soon too.

Le petit jardin

Another nice thing today was meeting Penny Brookes the owner of Le petit jardin a delight of a shop in a little brick paved street. Selling such lovely things for outside and in. Linens, votives, yummy candles scented with thyme and citrus fruits. Spools of ribbon, seeds in pretty vintage style sachets. It made me crave for an outside space more than ever. It was so nice to see the ladies in the shop working together so closely and happily, I'm guessing they are great friends and to see the joy that is owning a successful business all of your own. I can't wait to go back and visit again at christmas time.


Spent today in Tunbrigde wells and what a lovely day I had. I really like shopping by myself and I often do here. No pressure. No one else to trouble as I drag them around all day on a fruitless search for whatever it is I need. Unlike yesterday in London, today was a success. I spent a little too much money. This also is a common hazard of shopping alone. I got a dress for the award ceremony. A dress that should stand the test of time. Classic. Black. A little bit Audrey. Conceals a tattoo. Fits like a glove. Not too short not too long. Plus a pair of simple black heels with a peep toe. Might just need a clutch bag then I'm done.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Home coming gifts

P"Home d'Amour Sells so many pretty things. Tins, cards, candlesticks, ribbons and more. I especially love these wedding teas and beautiful sugars. What a nice present they would be for returning honey mooners?

Friday, 10 October 2008

Dinner and a dress

Autumnal sweetness from Reyart

Tired, stressed. Friday has been tough and I still have to survive tomorrow yet, but I'm still smiling. I just have to make it through another eight hours tomorrow. Then onward to Sunday-to London-to one stop shop Selfridges. I feel a slight credit card bashing coming on. Just a little one. I need a dress for an award ceremony. Its so exciting my husband and the company he and his friends run is up for an award. Top ten start up businesses in the country! Black tie dinner at the Dorchester. Horray. Will be back soon, possibly a little poorer.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Free time

Day off today I love my free time. After roasting, baking and making I also found some time to update over here.

March darling

I received another welcome visitor to my inbox today. Do you or someone you know have a march darling, june bug or a december baby? If so one of these super cute modern baby block prints from Dallas shaw's Etsy shop would make a sweet addition to a nursery. Etsy is such a good resource for thoughtful modern parents and lucky babies. Best to get those little ones art and craft savvy from the get go! Commercial baby stuff is not so much these days, Pooh bear and Tigger should stay on the written page as far as I'm concerned and don't even get me started on the horror of my local Mothercare!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

style hound

Another woofy friend hidden amongst the delicate textures of these lovely cushions. I was thinking of the places I love in NYC to recommend to Sandra and Ochre is definitely my number one. I feel so trapped this side of the Atlantic get me a boat I need to cross the water!


crown and crumpet

Thanks to the lovely Melissa from ruby press for mailing me about this great new place. Beautiful surroundings, speciality teas, cake on tiered stands, homemade scones served with Devon clotted cream and jam or a selection of bite size pastries and sweets for starters, then a little retail section so you can take a slice of the day home with you. It's all at Crown and Crumpet. One teeny problem, how do I get to san francisco. Now. Today?

prints charming

Enjoying this lovely post wedding project from a desert fete via once wed.

images from a desert fete.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Wet weekend.

Cold grey skies, pouring rain, wet pavements. This was not our ideal way to spend Saturday in Lewes. But getting past the crappy British weather and ridiculous parking restrictions we did enjoy this pretty town in between downpours. Don't think I'm grumbling too much. I did have fun with my freshly washed hair pasted flat to my head, whilst the rain soaked through my sheepskin boots into my socks. We had a delicious lunch and got some inspiration from the lovely interiors stores there. Sunday was better, we recreated our favorite honeymoon breakfast. I often wonder why we persist on "having days out". You have to laugh sometimes at the British battling all weathers just so they can get out of the house. We have had just about enough, and may have finally taken the hint. Its just so unpredictable here. I am going to start having little holidays at home each weekend. Might save some money that way too?!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Sweet Sofia

I am so excited to be a part of the seasonal swap Sofia is organising. It's a sweet Autumn swap, I have so many ideas and I can't wait to find out who my partner is.