Monday, 1 September 2008

a little gold tread and a lot of sequins

I've had a very long dull day. Maybe if I had one of these outfits I would feel a little better? With my magpie's eye of course I love both of these films. House of flying daggers and Curse of the golden flower. Both are beautiful both are sad. But enough of the sad already, lets focus on the beautiful. If I didn't have four full working days ahead of me I'd start embellishing my vintage dressing gown tonight. With a little gold tread and a lot of sequins.


Gstar said...

I agree! I love the cinematography and beautiful use of colours in these films. They're truely inspiring.


P.S. Gutted I missed out on the giveaway :( Those flags are beautiful!

porter hovey said...

These outfits are just amazing! Always sooo beautiful!

Sara Bradshaw said...

She's so beautiful she looks like a little doll