Sunday, 14 September 2008

Last day of summer

I have to work three out of every four Saturdays and Dean is off to Vegas for a trade show next weekend. So I think this will be the last summer day out for us. Long drive. Beach walk. Pebbles and sand dunes. Hot coffee. A jar of dark chocolate biscuits that I managed to fit into my oversized handbag. Hope you are all enjoying the final days of this brief season.

Next time all the leaves will be red turning brown and we will walk in the woods. I am thinking of investing in a pair of these boots for each of us. Practical and cosy. It does get very muddy and quite treacherous in the woods around here. Think I might draw the line at the matching waxed attire?


hrsj said...

your photos are captivating jess! i'm sorry you have to work these next weekends!
is summer really ending? please don't say so. it's really cool here tonight, so i'm afraid it is.
i'm happy you had a fun weekend together :)

Uncle Beefy said...

That Candy Floss photo is the perfect representation of Summer! Great collection! Sorry about the Saturday work as well. Never a fan of working the weekends as I have done it most of my life...the holidays too :(

It will be sad to see Summer go (though it's gonna be summertime warm here for a few more days at least!) but Fall is lovely too. It's the winter I look least forward to! :(

oldyarns. said...

Lovely photos - we are just coming into summer here (even though its officially early spring!) Those clear cornflower blue skies make me ache for holidays...