Wednesday, 10 September 2008

family fortunes

Its my day off today. For starters a 6.30 jog with the husband and I didn't moan too much. I feel like I hinder him slightly as I know he gets a proper run if I'm not there dragging behind! He's much fitter than me. Plus I left my inhaler at home. Not that I really need it. Since I stopped smoking two years ago my childhood asthma has vanished and my breathing is better than ever it was. Its more of a-I panic if I don't have it with me thing. Silly really, though I wont forget it next time. It makes me shudder to think that I ever smoked.

Moving swiftly on, two nice things this morning. A hand delivered letter from my sister containing this lovely shabby rose necklace that she made for me. I will wear it to work. I hope it will form some kind of protective barrier around me reflecting the negative energy that the general public seem so persistent in forcing on me. Thank you Tamzin. Then marshmallows for breakfast. Portioned out into a cup so I don't eat so many I feel sick. If you're in a marshmallow frame of mind yourself see these delights from Cloudbird I'm thinking Hazelnut or Earl grey. I hope to attempt making some of my own for christmas gifts, orange and cinnamon maybe? I am somewhat afraid of boiling sugar.


sofia barĂ£o said...

jogging at 6.30 wow wish I could do that :) I bought a dvd of Pilates to start in 2 weeks (for my 2 month vacations) but I'm not a sports person at all, hope this one will work.
Me too, I was a smoker, once, for more than 1O years, wow that sounds really too much time!
Love the necklace.

Gstar said...

A 6.30 jog on your day off? Wow! Hats off to you misses! How did you quit smoking? Did you just decide and then willpower or patches or something else? I've cut down considerably and think it's going to be a natural progression. Also thinking of reading Alan Carrs easy way. Worked for me last time for a year... but then I broke the spell. Hope you have a lovley day off!


P.S. Necklace is lovely!

P said...

I love that you ate marshmallows after a morning run. Breakfast of champions!

Your blog is delightful. What a lovely find.

Jane Flanagan said...

Your sister should open an Etsy Store! I love that necklace.

Lobster and swan said...

I haven't jogged since : (

better get to it!

Maggie May said...

i ate two marshmellows just tonight :)