Thursday, 28 August 2008

* twig leaf berry fruit *

I have been wearing a scarf and coat for the last six days. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite pictures from some clever flickr folk. 1. misread, 2. Autumn's Apple, 3. Autumn Ride !, 4. Untitled, 5. autumn palet, 6. autumn is a time of harvest, 7. pantone 199, 8. One Autumn Day, 9. pantone 7409


Diana (Romania) said...

I have just discovered your blog. Since then I have been so excited! There's so much beauty in it, I "bathe" my eyes in color and shape:). About Autumn...I've been feeling it lately too, although the weather's almost the same, there's something in the air that smells like wood smoke, sweet maize medula, the sun raises up later in a "misty" mood...And nothing compares to the melancholy of the passing Summer...I'm usually sad thinking that Summer's going away, but those photos you've posted remind me there's a special complicity and mistery in Autumn nature. Thank you!

Rose said...

Hi, I have also only recently found your blog and really enjoy it.

I have been wearing a scarf and coat this week too- it's weird in August!

But I am really looking forward to Autumn and all the leaves changing and falling. All these pictures are so evocative, you feel like you could jump in and kick your feet in the leaves or bite the apple.

hrsj said...

those are gorgeous colors!

it's still hot here but one thing i love about fall is wearing scarves!

happy weekend jess!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! You have such a great eye.

sofia barĂ£o said...

beautiful. That photo n° 8 is amazing!
Today it was a very very hot day here 30° celsius, but tomorrow time is changing, maybe it was a goodbye from summer!

Lobster and swan said...

Hello Diana and Rose, thank you for your sweet words.

I just know by those apples you are having a great weekend Heather ; )

Thanks Katherine I know I've asked before but I lost the link to your blog may I have it again : )

And Sophia, hot here today, but I think it's all to end tomorrow with more rain!

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's here, but very irregularly updated at the moment. I will get round to establishing a proper blog one day. Maybe.

I spent a morning in Hastings the other day - I enjoyed rambling round the Old Town very much and had a good look round Shirley Leaf and Petal (I've had it filed under "Must visit" since you posted about it way back when). Also picked up an exceptional Chelsea bun from Judges bakery - good Chelsea buns are very hard to find these days!

Charlotte said...

love the colours in this. I'm really into apples at the moment.

Gosh I wish we had lovely red autumns like that - we used to in germany.

Lobster and swan said...

Thank you all for embracing Autumn with me : )

Charlotte, my husband is off to germany this thursday. He is so lucky, his job takes him all over the world. I would like to visit so many places in Europe. one day.