Monday, 11 August 2008

Some rain can be good

Saturday was perfect sunshine when we left home. Arrive at destination, heavens open up. So, just like Granny used to, we enjoyed our scones and tea in the car until the rain stopped long enough for us to brave a walk along the Whitstable beach front, look in all the pretty shops and visit the farmers market.
Wheelers only seats fourteen people and they were all sat. More rain, so we grabbed some papers and went to Samphire for lunch. Very nice too. I love being cosy in a warm restaurant when its raining outside. Time to leave. Quick stop in Canterbury. Pop in to see in-laws. Home.

Sunday was sunny, but of course if you don't need to go anywhere why shouldn't it be? Baked some pistachio and rose cupcakes. Super sweet and yummy. I do love to spend my Sundays indoors. Starting my new job has been delayed and as today looks a little grey again, I think I will attempt to complete the cushion covers that are laying all over the living room floor in pieces. Might even get to show you them before Autumn?!

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Famapa said...

hello there, just found your blog and it's lovely! will be back for sure... I'm thinking of heading to whitstable this weekend, come rain or shine, you got any tips? isn't there a really nice interiors shop there with lots of nice things? and for tea and lunch? cheers!