Wednesday, 6 August 2008


We would have liked to explore some areas of Brooklyn when we were in NYC earlier this year but its hard to know where to start when you don't know your way around. I will research better for next time. Lucky for us I have a head start with the links I have found through blogging. Popped in to A cup of Jo earlier and followed Joanna's advice and the link to refinery29 then discovered some guides to pretty places including Saipua in Redhook. I'll just say it, I want everything including the actual store. They have the cutest "open" sign. How will my life be complete without these beautifully wrapped soaps? Hope I'm not sounding shallow? It't just that I am a complete sucker for packaging (but I'm sure you gathered this way back!) There's a blog too and we won't even get started on the bouquets. See the rest of the guide to the Redhook area here and even more guides here I just want to spend my time roaming around discovering places, maybe drinking some coffee and seeking out a few slices of good cake. Why can't this be my new job?

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Francesca said...

that soap packaging is amazing.