Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fire wood and cable knit socks

There's no stopping me now, sorry to all you summer people trying to keep the dream alive, but I'm in full Fall swing. Due to being sat in the firing line of the the air con and one of my colleagues locking my coat in a secure area today. I got super chilled waiting on the breezy platform for my train. So when I got in, I donned my cashmere cardigan and my chunky cable knit socks, grabbed my laptop and began my search for cosy home accessories. A log basket is a must, we don't have an open fire, but we do have an empty fire place that needs filling with some kind of warming feature. Plus here are all the other Fall items that I covet. (so far)

1. Tobacco brown striped cushion
2. woven log basket
3. Lavender Cushion
4. Cashmere Blanket
5. Suri Alpaca Throw
6. Lavender Cushion

More lovely stuff here too!

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