Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sugar clouds

Searching for marshmallow recipes today I stumbled across these gems. So beautiful, the colour of them and the dish combined is just perfect. I am crazy jealous of all the baking equipment and icing tools this girl has. Cake on the brain is so full on, check out her latest (epic!) project, It took four posts to document. A little someone is going to have a very special birthday! And it doesn't end there! I also think I caught a glimpse of some marshmallow fluff-filled bittersweet ganache-dipped chocolate madeleines. I'd be sure to investigate further if I was you!

All images from Cake on the brain


L said...

oh delicious!
these are my personal faves:

Lobster and swan said...

Thanks for the tip! Marshmallows are the best! : )