Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Staying on the wagon

Mid week greetings! Well, one month on and I was quite good I only bought two glossies in June, Living etc which duped me as it was in a cellophane wrap (like a kids surprise bag these ones always get me because I just have to know what's inside) once opened it was a great disappointment. The second was Country Living which had a country weddings feature that was also a bit of a let down. I Hope I can be this good for another month my purse and the recycling unit are both very happy.
Anyway thanks to Southern flair blog I found this great link to loads of vintage magazine covers. All my favorites are there in all their nostalgic glory. I just love the more abstract fifties and sixties ones.

All images Conde nast store


hrsj said...

i like those gourmet covers alot, don't you?
are you doing some collages this week? i hope :)

Uncle Beefy said...

jess...I absolutely understand where you're coming from. I am ridiculously addicted to the mags! I tend to thumb through them at the newsstand and this drives my partner insane as he thinks I should let it be a surprise. I tell him...I'm and addict, not an idiot! I HATE when an issue disappoints as I've lost the money and now feel forced to acquire another publication to soothe my sadness :(

Lobster and swan said...

Hoping to find time Heather ; )

Exactly Uncle!

Katherine said...

Wow, that Conde Nast archive is an amazing resource - thank you so much for posting that, I think I will be spending a lot of time on that site in the next few days!

Joanna Goddard said...

these are gorgeous! i ADORE your blog and am so glad i found you! i'm going to add you to my link list right away.