Wednesday, 30 July 2008

rosy cheeks

Nearly the last day of july and with summer strawberries in mind I made this mood board this morning.
It has been so hot here, blistering sun, electrical storms, torrential rain. At night I am one of those who has to have a duvet, I can't sleep under just a sheet, so I lay half in half out of bed. The husband is away with work until friday and just as well, best to sleep alone on nights like this. He is like the human torch on a cool day, combine additional summer heat a dash of stress, inexcusable fidgeting and it can only lead in one direction. An eviction to the couch. This way we both get our own beds and hopefully the heat wave will have passed by the time he arrives back into my arms on friday evening.


AnastasiaC said...

my hubby is always so warm...its great in Winter time!
love your inspiration collage!! gorgeous!

Lobster and swan said...

thank you : )